Monday, September 29, 2008

Tallulah tanks

velvet magazine october 08 via TFS

They’re dropping like flies. And I’m not talking about the stiletto stacks. Just a week after frockwriter revealed that Catherine McNeil will be missing Milan and Paris because she’s "unwell” (and didn’t that snippet get a whip around), comes word that Tallulah Morton is back in Sydney trying to shake a nasty flu.

Morton did do a number of shows in New York however according to her agent Vikki Graham, flew straight back to Sydney immediately afterwards - where, in spite of the bug, she managed to shoot a Troyt Coburn editorial for the December issue of Vogue Australia.

This is somewhat amusing, given separate accounts from London's Daily Mail and’s Tim Blanks, that Morton walked in Vivienne Westwood’s Red label show at London Fashion Week.

Morton did not make the recent cover of Italian fashion glossy Velvet, as Graham had hoped, but Velvet has nevertheless just run two consecutive fashion shoots featuring Morton in its September and October editions.

There is also some upcoming editorial in Tush magazine. Just to clarify, that's an indie Danish fashion glossy.

In the interim, candid shots of Morton out and about in New York and Paris continue to saturate Marc 'The Cobrasnake' Hunter’s website. Whether that’s a good thing for her career remains to be seen.

the cobrasnake

There’s always next season – and she is still only 16.

And at least Morton does not have to contend with the season’s ongoing shoe drama – which raises at the very least Occupational Health and Safety concerns.

One modelling source tells frockwriter that at the recent Berlin Fashion Week, after spotting some dangerously high plastic platforms at one fashion brand’s casting, an agency rep point blank refused to allow its models to continue the casting or work in the show.

As the agent was walking out the door, a model from a slightly more laissez-faire agency fell in the shoes and snapped her ankle.


ryder said...

tallulah is australian. cathrine is so mysterious...

Patty Huntington said...

hey you're the scorpio

Anna said...

it's hard to keep cheering for someone who's had a lot of opportunities, but keeps blowing them off so recklessly. maybe she's just young, but i hope she gets it together soon. i'm sure she'll always work, but there's a difference between working, and making it big. she has potential to do the latter. but really, who wants to see some party babe from cobra snake on significant covers, or in significant campaigns? it might be fun to be the cool kid for a while, but it's the lesser (and shorter) career choice.

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