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"We don't give a shit" - Charlotte Dawson on the Cassi Facebook fallout

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Frockwriter mentioned that ANTM Cycle 5 runnerup Cassi van den Dungen was getting a bit of a rough trot on the Facebook accounts of ANTM hosts Alex Perry and Charlotte Dawson, with both hosts engaging in some snarky banter with their Facebook followers about van den Dungen’s decision to turn down contracts with Priscillas and Elite New York. After receiving a Facebook friend request from van den Dungen moreover, Perry put the decision to accept or decline the friend request up to a vote. Well since Perry and Dawson are obviously so well-acquainted with the social networking phenomenon, they may be interested to learn that this week's ANTM posts have been discussed in at least five other web forums, including two forums of the behemoth US social networking site LiveJournal, which generates over 11million page views a day.

One of these, the celebrity gossip-skewed Oh No They Didn’t, is LiveJournal’s most popular forum and boasts over 90,000 members, who generate over 100,000 visits and 300,000 page views a day. Which, evidently, has the potential to take Perry’s and Dawson’s “semi-private” comments to their Facebook coteries, to a significantly wider audience.

One LiveJournal member who appears to have access to Perry’s Facebook account has shared some more of their vitriolic banter:

Alex Perry




Charlotte Dawson
"Apparently Cassi has signed with Tania Power (?) modelling agency and is coming to Sydney to model for Portmans. Nuff said."

"What's a Fella Hamilton? Sounds fascinating. Almost as fascinating as a Greenborough Plaza winter fashion parade. Stupid Cassi - she's really put her modelling career into a big suburban toilet."

"too true. Enough about the bogan ... she's someone elses nightmare now."

"Very kind comments .... thank you! I think Cassi's only going to end up being the poster girl for Sunbury Centrelink."


Although frockwriter has been unable to contact Perry, Dawson confirmed that these are her comments and that they were made on Perry's Facebook account.

Dawson added that she does recall Perry making the other comments, that she stands by the comments and does not see anything wrong with them.

Dawson told frockwriter, "Absolutely. I could not give a rat's ass. They're the sort of things I would say on the show. What's wrong with them being on a Facebook page? That's what I’m paid to do. I’m paid to call it as I see it.

"They’re not defamatory, they're said with humour, not vitriol, and honesty. It was a situation that I was very much involved with.

"Her boyfriend, during the live finale, was grabbing his crotch and sticking his tongue out at me. You don’t know what this girl has gone and done to evoke the ire of a lot of people.

"We don’t give a shit. We're coming from a place of personal experience and Cassi has very much frustrated and angered and disappointed a lot of people.... She's upset her family terribly, she's been a real nightmare and spat in the faces of people who supported her".


A Colourful Guy Drowning In A Sea Of Penguins said...

If this is all true, and their accounts haven't been hijacked by someone trying to defame them, the behaviour of these two "adults" is deplorable. I'd expect this sort of thing from teens and early 20somethings; not from people in their 30s and 40s.

I guess the narcissist in them couldn't handle the rejection. ;)

Anonymous said...

If this is all true....What a bunch of bitter animal,that is just plain bitchy and nasty!
We might not all agree with Cassi's decisions but hell as a full grown adult they should know better.

Anonymous said...

alex perry is a bogan

Anonymous said...

Both are ugly on the inside and out,both d list.One is a catty bitchy "straight" wedding dress designer?!
The other is a mid 50 something lonely divorce woman who is this country version of Janice Dickinson.....does anybody take them seriously?!

Anonymous said...

I think Cassi may want to contact a lawyer. ;)

Anonymous said...

Charlotte Dawson is a bogan too! That tatt she has on her wrist is horrid and she has a rather inelegance of speaking.

This is so disappointing . . . antm is a complete joke now.

Charlotte Dawson said...

Yes guys, agreed I am a bogan - a full Kiwi bogan with a tattoo of my darling dead mothers name on my wrist. I am in my mid 40's but I'm flattered to be compared to a woman in her mid 50's! Way to go me! I get vitriol spat at me daily on blogs and websites and I don't give a 'rats arse' as Patti puts it... guess what guys ... it's a reality telly show, and we are paid to be catty stupid bogans. Put this in the seriously 'WHO CARES??' basket x x

Patty Huntington said...

in case anyone is wondering, i have confirmed that that is definitely dawson.

Jo said...

Oh, I completely agree. Dawson and Perry should just pass notes under the desk in class.
They shouldn't say what they really feel on their own Facebook pages, no matter how thoroughly Cassi fucked over the whole concept of the show.
They should shut up and act like television marionettes, and not have a single opinion of their own.

Come to think of it, so should I.

Charlotte Dawson said...

Agreed Jo. We should do nothing and say nothing. Would make for great telly! Thankfully most of our lives are consumed with far more entertaining and important things than *fashion!!* and *models!!!* Our Facebook posts should be about picking lint out of our belly buttons. Sadly I kinda love being abused and insulted by the anon amongst us! Bravery behind a keyboard is a HUGE turn on. This is really a sad kind of get-a-life type blog, but secretly honoured to get a mention!

Anonymous said...

Wow! This is better than the show!

Anonymous said...

Masterchef was a show that proved reality shows can run on positivity :)

Lets end this negativity and its much easier to feel secure behind negative comments when you are being paid shtloads for it?!

Anonymous said...

who cares basket?

Charlotte, your on the blog with the rest of us honey.

and actually your bitchy comments dont make for great telly you moron.

Your beyond a joke, you have no credibility, you think your above everyone else, you wear alex perry and think its couture! I mean I could go on... and then you tell us your tatt is your darling mums name.... what are you? 18?! your nearing 50!

You havent shown poor Cassi any sympathy, so you shouldnt be fishing for it.

Your the poster girl for over-the-hill, cougar-esque, botoxified spinster women with no aim in life aside from making money and living a fabulous celebrity life.

Im sure your actually upset at this blogs articles and comments even though your acting as if all this backlash isnt affecting you.

Your the one who should lighten up, try to help young girls starting in the fashion industry because you have been put in a role as a mentor. Put yourself in their shoes, would you want someone to say those things about you?

Or have you and Perry (who is a father of children I assume) lost touch with humanity, have no sense of decorum and show no empathy.

your both too old and should have more respect for yourselves to act like that.

You get paid to be stupid catty bogans? You must walk with your head held high Miss Dawson.

gee said...

funnily enough i can kind of see where dawson and perry are coming from.. we really have no idea what happened behind closed doors you know.. of course i think the way they went about these things was probably not the best.. but i can definitely see where they are coming from.

why enter a modelling competition if you have no intention of utilising the prize?????

i just dont see ho people can defend the girl really.. theyre all as bad as each other

DARIAN ZAM said...

I love Charlotte Dawson. Who can get past the dubbing of last years trio as "The Dapto Dogz". Genius!

Anonymous said...

"it's a reality telly show, and we are paid to be catty stupid bogans"...said Charlotte Dawson ........geesh! Sarah Murdoch pays people to do this on telly?! Must be a great show.

maree said...

THE SHOW IS OVER and it's time to move on. ANTM5 have their winner....Cassi has her own life, its time to let go.
signed, Cassi's Mum !

charlotte dawson said...

Darling Anon, yes you ... the one with probably THE BEST INSULTS EVAH! (over-the-hill-botox-cougar) I *heart* you You don't understand how vitriol is actually a form of flattery. Alex Perry doesn't have kids either (a lovely dog and a beautiful wife Mary!). Patti Huntington has spent a (slightly scary) amount of time discussing this issue with whoever will listen to her. Priscilla (the agent involved in this) had her harping on for half an hour on the phone last night as she harped onto me. I will not defend myself or Alex as we are adults and take full responsibility for our comments on air, on our personal facebook pages and on funny fashion obsessed blogs such as this. We don't hide behind Anons just to get a hard on for abusing people... (sorry anon abusers - you are what makes this and other blogs fabulous, but that's not our style). A small group of people know what happened and it was shocking and frustrating and disappointing. Cassi was given so much love and support from us all. Patti has been told this by many people many times, but she just choses to reflect the postition she feels. That's her right even if she's got the story (or the portion she choses to promote) very wrong.

Trudie said...

That was great friday morning reading...! thanks for this one Patty! And Charlotte and all the Anon's...

Stef said...

Wow, I'm just amazed at how angry people's rants get around this place!!! What Charlotte said is true...she and alex are getting paid to do this and are more than entitled to their own opinion. Cassi made a mockery of the show and it was disappointing (and must have been even more disappointing for those on the show who gave her their support).

And whoever made the comment about contacting a don't know what you're talking about! For a statement to be defamatory it has to be cassi won't have a leg to stand on since those comments certainly aren't untrue haha :)

Charlotte & Alex, you only speak the truth...keep it up :P (makes for great telly!)

Patty Huntington said...

re the "maree" comment -

i have no idea if this is really cassi's mother. so until this can be clarified, please take that comment with a grain of salt. i cleared it because it was harmless.

charlotte -

here is a slightly more realistic recap on yesterday's events.

i contacted you to firstly, clarify if they were your Facebook comments and secondly, give you right of reply to the criticism which has ensued.

after contacting your agent, you called me back - several times - while i was busy attending to other calls. when i did finally speak to you, i spent quite some time listening to your perspective. i updated the post with quite a lot of that perspective. you later SMS'd me to say you were happy the blog reflected your position.

during our conversation you urged me - on three occasions - to call priscilla leighton-clark, so that she could 'set me straight' on cassi van den dungen's behaviour. by the time i managed to speak to priscilla, which was late in the day, she appeared agitated. one might assume she had been on the phone to you. the conversation was, sadly, off the record - at priscilla's request. but suffice it to say that after we finished, i was no clearer on the reasons why cassi has become the target of such extraordinary animosity from those connected to the show. beyond her antics on the show - which suited the show's producers at the time - and the fact that she failed to accept the priscillas/elite contracts. priscilla alluded to other matters, but declined to clarify. she suggested that my time would be better spent talking about other models.

since first being alerted to the facebook comments - by several parties - the only people with whom i have discussed the subject are you, priscilla leighton-clark, one party indirectly connected to priscillas who pitched a priscillas model story (christina carey) and cassi's sydney agency - the latter as a courtesy call, to alert them to this new post which discusses their client. in order to reach you and alex perry i spoke to several publicity reps. that's the sum total. beyond this blog's readers of course.

you on the other hand have discussed the subject at length - at the very least on facebook. you seemed at pains to point out yesterday that the facebook comment thread attracted over 90 comments. you added, "and noone is going to disagree with me".

unlike ANTM and facebook, this is an open forum to which anyone, within boundaries, can contribute.

apparently quite a few people disagree with you.

Charlotte Dawson said...

Thanks Patti!

I think you're obsession with what most (in fact all of the 90 odd people that commented on Alex's profile) found was harmless banter. You are not on Facebook, and status updates change all the time, that was one on Alex's and it was weeks ago? The next status was all about support for our beautiful little Tahnee the winner. I am glad not everyone agrees with me - be a boring world if they did right? I sure wouldn't have my job on Top Model if I wasn't the way I was either! You presented your own opinion based on very little research about something you know very little about and spun it how you wanted. I get that, it's not journalism and it's not balance but it's your absolute right because it's your blog. This is weeks old now Patti, you have to let it go now babe ... it's really not such a big deal.

Patty Huntington said...

thanks for your brilliant insights into journalism charlotte. we'll add those to your list of other accomplishments, which apparently include a talent for coming up with catchy advertising slogans. one can only hope that "WE DON'T GIVE A SHIT" is given serious consideration by the powers-that-be at foxtel for a promo slogan for the 2010 edition of ANTM. that's a comment you made yesterday by the way. i can just see sarah murdoch rocking up to the next casting sessions wearing a "WE DON'T GIVE A SHIT"-emblazoned Bonds singlet. it sends a wonderful message about the program's core values. and the modelling business in general really.

Bryanboy said...

oh snap

H&L said...

ditto to BB

A Colourful Guy Drowning In A Sea Of Penguins said...

Stef, I made the comment about getting a lawyer. When I did so defamation was not on my mind; slander and cyberbullying were though.

Just because one can abuse others from the relative comfort and safety of a computer now - in cyberspace no one can punch you in the mouth if you offend them - that doesn't mean that one can actually get away with it. More and more lawsuits against cyberbullies are being brought forth everyday.

Just because one's on a computer that doesn't mean that one can't be found by someone actually determined enough to do so. This isn't a threat: Given the right information, and it's not that hard to come by, I could trace your comments right to your exact physical address.

Kind regards

Rose said...

.....and Tallulah Morton gives a sigh of relief, as another underage model with an older man becomes the focus of controversy and vitriol.

Anonymous said...

look as though Charlotte " I DON'T GIVE A SHIT" Dawson and Alex Perry has just join the Demelza Reveley's bandwagon!
I wonder what Sarah Murdoch is thinking about all of this?!

Anonymous said...

Gosh I think all the HOtox injections as gone up to Charlotte's brain?! Team Patty!

Maxie said...

Wow Charlotte, for someone who apparently "doesn't give a shit", you're dedicating a lot of time to catty bickering with Patty and other posters on the blog.
We all know, if you truely didn't care, you wouldn't bother.
You're so transparent, sweetie.

Anonymous said...

For the record - Charlotte Dawson is an Australian. Not a New Zealander. That is all.

Rebecca said...


Perhaps Alex Perry should learn the difference between too and to before he calls anyone else stupid.

Anonymous said...

Rebecca; Alex has used the correct 'to' and in the correct context..

He is stating that "he doesnt work, she's too stupid to (work), everything must be peachy" etc..

april said...

no anon, rebecca was correct - she was commenting on 'and she's TO stupid to' (emphasis my own).

Anonymous said...

Charlotte despite what a lot of people on here are saying about you, I understand your point of view, that is what you're expected to do because of your job.

However this is no excuse to bag out Greensborough Plaza. That's just not fair.

Also the girl is 17, how many 17 year old girls capable of making life-long decisions do you know? She's a kid.

Anonymous said...

It was always apparent to those of us watching that this girl had issues, needed time to mature and also needed some support and guidance in life in general.

Any mother worth their salt would have ripped their impressionable daughter away from such an experience and any producer worth their salt would have taken a good dose of moral fiber with that salt and refused to put this girl on TV in the first place.

This was nothing to do with modeling - it was all about the kind of ratings a good train wreck can deliver.

Anonymous said...

....yet apparently she's making a potential 'life long commitment' to her boyfriend/fiancee, whatever he is?

Marie said...

Can i just say that i had no idea forums like this actually existed! As a long time fan of Americas NTM and watcher of the most recent Aust NTM i honestly can say i'm shocked by the posts. Tyra would never let something like this happen! Anyone who thinks its a level playing field between a 17 year old and a couple of successful adults is kidding themselves. Of course you are entitled to an opinion about Cassie Charlotte, and of course she was probably extremely frustrating for everyone involved in the show, but i don't think it is right that you should attack her in this way. She's just a kid. A messed up kid. How are you helping her improve her lot by making fun of her like this? Leave her be. She will find her way eventually. And if she doesn't, it's a shame, but its her problem. Her life and her eventual regrets. Not yours. As a mentor, you need to know when to let go.

DARIAN ZAM said...

This whole topic has been pretty fascinating for many reasons. It seems the main point being debated is, what one's definition of "success" is.
Apparently, it's a personal thing, however everyone seems to have forgotten that. Of course everyone is entitled to their opinion - "what I MYSELF would do in the same situation is...", but it's not your decision is it? Cassi wants to do what she wants to do. Nobody is going to make her do anything otherwise. Even her mother described her personality as such in a nutshell. So why don't people understand that? When people criticise others it's really a control issue. It's almost impossible to change someone's mind,or make them see things your way so let it go, it's a waste of a lot of energy.

Anonymous said...

i agree with the above poster
not a level playing field with Mr Perry and Miss Dawson Vs Child
With Low Expectations.

Yeah she blew it, yeah she dissappointed those around her but
we all make mistakes when we are young....that doesnt give these
adults carte blanche to pillory her
I am sure Miss Dawson can relate to some poor choices!
I hope that new media will eventually rise above the low level snark prone characteristics that seem rife.

Having said that I do enjoy your site Ms Huntington.

Anonymous said...

Wow this is so catty and fab. But is it true that Cassie has been signed by Max Markson ( D list celeb management) and this is all just a stunt as Cassie will actually be a judge on next seasons Aust Next Top model??
Also whats the big deal turning down a contract with Elite New York-good for Cassieas they are not a big deal,It's all about IMG. Go Cassie,Go Max... Go Miss Perry!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Maree. It all seems so unprofessional compared to the American NTM product. I agree "Tyra would never let something like this happen!". Tyra is always emphasising self-esteem and self-belief. Cassi is 17! She is a child! These people are over 40 professionals. I think it's really damaging for the show. Completely inappropriate behaviour regardless of what petulance a 17 year old may have displayed.
We had been thinking of my niece trying out for ANTM but there is no way we would now and I have heard alot of mothers share similar sentiment. Who would protect them? It seems Dawson can say what she wants and abuse whoever she wants with no consequences for her bad behaviour and lack of discipline (Perry also).
Unless one plays the obsequious game and display feigned maturity and desperation - then one is demonised? Where is Murdoch 'champion of the healthy body' in all of this?? Healthy body/Nasty vindictive mind? Is such bullying acceptable in this day and age? Disgraceful.

Anonymous said...

Cassi has signed with an agent and is working, thats the main thing.

Im disappointed she didnt atleast sign with Priscilla, but unlike some people I can see the bright picture. She clearly wants to model but wants to it on her own terms and with other representation. Maybe this will fail her, maybe it wont.
I happen to believe smaller things can lead to bigger things and the work is clearly there for her, so she still has a chance to capitalise on that and succeed.

Charlotte, Im sorry your angry, but the attitude your displaying about the matter is extremley unprofessional and same with alex perry. I can see where your comming from but its not the end of the bloody world. If she wants to be the face of centerlink "let her" I think its great the support you have shown her and hope she can one day atleast do you proud knowing she can be successful on her own terms. She's a strong girl. But please just leave her alone, she has nothing to do with you people anymore. Drop it and let the poor girl get on with her life, more importantly - get on with yours.

I hope she gets rid of brad, he's not doing her any favours at all..

at the end of the day, she has representation and is working.. If elite are as obsessed with her as they say they are, they'll sign her when shes ready. Cassi is a great model and still has potential, and thats what counts. Let the girl make her mistakes - she will learn from them, trust me!!

I have faith in her still and hope she can still make it somehow :)

Michal=karol said...

Perry is a 50 year old has-been, fauned over by those 50 and older. As for Dawson, dawson who? What great contribution to society has that hag made. Time to ease of teh botox and go easy on that face and boob plastic surgery darling. Still, Dawson proves that any 60 year old woman can still work.

MishInTheCity said...

I find it rather interesting that Charlotte Dawson and Alex Perry don't feel it is sufficient to bag only one person, (who, might I add, is young, and like all yound people will make mistakes in life and shouldn't have to put up with this kind of high school bitchiness anywhere other than - well, highschool), but that they also need to then insult people from Sunbury, Greensborough, a blogger, another agent, and any random person who seems to disagree with her.

They don't seem like a very nice couple of people to me. You can keep your - ahem - "mentoring" Charlotte, I'd rather live a life without paying attention to the ANTM bull and all the sad people that are a part of it.

To the ANTM hopefuls, stay away from this competition and make it your own way. Shopping centre shows may not be that "fabulous" but I bet they aren't half as bitchy.

DARIAN ZAM said...

It has been alluded to more than once that the public don't know the full story of this situation. With that in mind I'll put my money down, there's a lot more to it. If we ever know exactly what that is, who can say, but everyone's opinion on the situation here will yet again change to suit.

mOther said...

oh they're just like the kyle and jackie o of cable television - nasty pieces of work who take joy in making teenagers uncomfortable. seriously - you don't expect these kind of comments from adults, irrespective of what has happened. they are giving the australian fashion industry a bad name.

DARIAN ZAM said...

My advice is, If you're going to take cheap shots, at least write them with some verve and flair. Failing that, make it relative.

DARIAN ZAM said...

This thread is making national news headlines:,21985,25875112-5012974,00.html

Patty Huntington said...

it was also picked up by and, someone mentioned today, channel nine news.

foxtel could have shaken this story by burying the hatchet and saying that whatever their differences, they all wished van den dungen well for the future.

instead dawson dug in her heels, ignored all other opinion and dismissed this forum as a "sad kind of get-a-life type blog".

foxtel head brian walsh, readers may be interested to know, humiliated and laughed at van den dungen's agent when she called on friday asking for an apology.

you reap what you sow.

D said...

I am very confused as to why Charlotte and Alex have waited until the show was over to express their real view of Cassi. It was apparent to all of us that she wasn't taking the show seriously, and confusing as to why the judges didn't curb her behaviours from the beginning. But I guess we'll never know since we weren't there to see it. I totally understand where they are coming from, to be honest, their comments were a reflection of what we were all thinking. But I think the difference here is how the message is relayed. Particularly, when your role is to mentor, support and encourage young girls into the modelling industry. Alex and Charlotte's comments and reaction to Cassi's personal choice is a reflection of the industry I would imagine. It's superficial, you must do what you're told to be successful, and forget freedom of choice. Charlotte and Alex I think are like vengeful dragons, so angry and trying so hard to destroy whatever possibilities are left for this incorrigible teen...

A Colourful Guy Drowning In A Sea Of Penguins said...

All I can say to Cassi and her agent is, lawyer up! If Foxtel doesn't want to apologize for it's judges behavior, then it's time to make it very uncomfortable for them, in the courts.

croatia said...

im watching this show in croatia, and i also follow your blog patty.
i must ad that charlotte and alex are the best!
i completely support you guys, and you have every right to say your opinion specaily on your personal pages!
this is a very good PR for Cassy. she is the most controversial model in the world right now!
and the most well, "silly" one...


p.s. botox or not, charlotte, you are a beauty!!!

Anonymous said...

Obviously quote above(Croatia)was written by a 15 year old girl or a kind of 30 year old gay white male who listens to Lady GAGA and dance infront of the mirror to Beyonce's Single Ladies.
It really scare the hell out of me that alot of people are missing a big point to this story. Can they be that simple minded?!

Kiwi Charlotte Dawson said...

WOW! 54 comments .... I didn't think people cared so much .... I'm feeling a little popular, and ah, famous! A heartfelt thanks for caring so much (even if some of you are being a little personal and cyber bullish with your comments - still fabulous!). Patti you must me thrilled with this post! Had national exposure and even some telly comments... Pat on the back for mad old Patti! x Who knows you might even get a real job soon!

T said...

so much for the episode where Charlotte teaches the girls a media lesson... maybe you need lessons yourself?

Anonymous said...

CHARLOTTE: if its really you

oh, now you're complaining about people cyber bullying you! How ironic! Doesn't feel so nice now, does it?

But relax, the comments aren't personal, they're just a bit of fun, like your comments to Cassi! It's not like Cassi will read them and feel like crap about herself, feel hated, unsuported or unloved; she will find you trashing her, where she comes from, her boyfriend and family HILARIOUS!

Oh and enough with pretending you don't care. If you didn't care, you wouldn't be on this blog commenting like crazy, thinking about each response, trying to make yourself look better. It's a little transparent. You can make whatever sarcastic reply you want, the fact is: if you are reading this and commenting, you care about how people think about you.

Disjecta said...

I'm with Charlotte and Alex...they made bitchy comments about someone they worked with who they found difficult. They made these comments to friends and some how they were overheard. Gee no-one has ever done that before, and obviously a lot of you here have never done it........ At least CD has had the balls to say yeah I said it and I'd say it again.....most people caught out in this way would try and lie they're way out of it.......And personally if Cassi is old enough to shack up with a 26 year old man then she's old enough to deal with some bitchy (and truthful) comments made about her from some people she worked with......

Dusk said...

Wow. How did I miss this? Damn entertaining.

Could you all please learn the difference between "you're" and "your" and reality and reality TV?

Perry and Dawson are ambi-pets for hire (rent-a-catty bitches). Who didn't know that? Without them ANTM would be squeal of fortune.

Saint Sarah is sweet and lovely but as exciting and watchable as a brick. She is the perfect foil to the Perry and Dawson double edged sword.

Unfortunately they all seemed to recognise the fashion industry potential in the "drunken foal". That's the sad reality part of that deluded industry.
Cassi van doogie howser is/was a kid who has no ambition. So be it. Understandably, it's frustrating for those who have ambition.
[Does anyone here know Rugby? I doubt it but here goes... Steve Merrick.]

...but why fault the scorpion for its sting? Hmm...

Found myself on this page because I was looking for info on Priscilla Leighton-Clark... Interesting. Why does she own/run a modelling agency? It's like having a cardiologist who eats fried chicken...

DARIAN ZAM said...

About 3 genius statements from Dusk right there.

Anonymous said...

Woah my reply is fairly outdated, but theres just so much I want to say.

It's just strange that Charlotte is even bothered by the 'mockery' Cassi made of the show.. because, when you think about it, both Charlotte and Alex are making a mockery of it too, considering they care more about putting girls down in a humourous way to get ratings.. instead of trying to find actual supermodels. Ebony, Demelza, Tahnee... they're definitely not top models or anything. So how about spending less time thinking of ways to be bitchy on the show and more time coaching and scouting potential models..?
Charlotte, you clearly don't take the show seriously either. I've heard all about how the ranking of the contestants is 'pre-determined' by the producers so don't even try to defend that one. The show, especially season 5, was/is ridiculous.
I have been a Top Model fan for a very long time, and I can safely say I would prefer a show with actual model talent and proper ranking than the shit that goes on these days.
Also, how can you even make comments about people getting 'turned on' from being a bully over the keyboard while you're doing the exact same thing? Who gives a fuck if they say they're anonymous, not all of us are a household name so 'John Smith' isn't going to make much of a difference, is it?
I once loved the show, but after reading this, and especially after you saying you get 'paid to be bitchy to the girls' has made me lose a LOT of respect for it.. and considering this is probably your mouth-feeding job right now, you better hope not many other people read this stuff you've said.. because the show probably won't last much longer. Mark my word.

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