Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Oz fashion expats gather to celebrate getting the hell out of here

We might as well rename July 22nd 2009 Australia Day in New York. Frockwriter already mentioned Zimmermann’s presentation that night at the Empire Hotel on West 63rd Street. Now comes word of a second, much bigger, event on the same night, back downturn at a two storey loft on West 36th Street: the launch of the Australians in New York Fashion Foundation. What’s that exactly? An initiative to help young Australians gain a foothold in New York’s fashion and beauty industries. That’s right, there just aren’t enough Australians in New York already - and those who are there have really struggled to cut through. The foundation’s 11 Oz expat founding board members include Malcolm Carfrae, who is the executive vice president global communications for Calvin Klein; Julie-Anne Quay, former executive editor of V Magazine, now President of Colac Pictures; Harpers Bazaar features and special projects director Laura Brown; Elite Model Management director of development Doll Wright; The New York Daily News features editor Colin Bertram and V and V Man photo and bookings editor, Pippa Lord.

A swag of honorary board members - some of whom are tipped to turn up to the event - includes Horacio Silva, features director/online director of The New York Times’ T Magazine, Sarah Wynter, Rose Byrne, Miranda Kerr, Catherine McNeil, Abbey Lee Kershaw, Myf Shepherd, Nicole Trunfio, Skye Stracke, Jessica Hart and Lincoln Pilcher.

The foundation - which apparently has no connection to the G'Day USA program of events that take place in New York, Los Angeles etc in January each year - is designed to facilitate connections and, the website says, also scholarships, for young Australians in New York.

According to the mission statement:

"The philosophy of the Foundation is that young Australians can gain world-class, hands-on experience in New York, and return home with internationally recognized training and contacts. By opening these doors and creating this platform, the Foundation believes this will not only assist these individuals but also serve to further expand and enrich the future Australian fashion industry".

Quay's first project at Colac Pictures, meanwhile, is an adaptation of Lee Tulloch's 1989 club classic Fabulous Nobodies.

At a recent launch in New York, Tulloch noted that the novel was written as a “revenge” piece after she was fired from Harpers Bazaar Australia. Fired for being a little too fabulous for Australia, as frockwriter recalls.


Anonymous said...

How ironic!
Lee Tulloc was a total cow to me on a travel story for being a little "too" fabulous. She acted very deserving of all the treats and from memory wrote two sentences in a column of the five day luxury stay.
How fast some forget. Maybe the movie will refresh her memory. It was a cute book and her best published in 1989 ish.

Anonymous said...

sorry Tulloch please amend x

Ms Fitz said...

I'm looking forward to this event this evening :) As a young Aussie new to NYC- I think this could potentially be a very exciting opportunity. Lets hope it lives up to the mission statement!

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