Monday, July 20, 2009

The Tatiana mystery - about to be solved

nikola tamindzic

Frockwriter has had some fun over the past 12 months trying to ascertain the identity of the mysterious "Tatiana Anymodel" who writes anonymously about the modelling business - and, increasingly, general fashion - for Nick Denton's high-profile, New York-based womens' blog Jezebel. In fact we devoted five posts to the subject. Our best shot was Kiwi Jenna Sauers, even though Sauers repeatedly denied she was Tatiana, both in comments on this blog and in person, when we bumped into her at last September's New Zealand Fashion Week. Well Jezebel is about to finally unmask Tatiana. And this teaser that appears on the blog of Gawker photographer Nikola Tamindzic tells us three things: Tatiana is white, with brown hair and a rather strong jaw. Compare this shot to a portrait of Sauers that we took in Auckland after the Zambesi show (below). If it is indeed Sauers, this is a big story for New Zealand. UPDATE 22/7: CASE CLOSED - JENNA SAUERS IS TATIANA ANYMODEL.


Emma said...

I am DYING to find out - I read Tatiana every day religiously. She's frank, interesting and crazy smart! And if she's a kiwi then this is even better.

Anonymous said...

wow I'm so excited I had no idea that she was "coming out" as such. I hope it doesn't affect her career too much, I doubt Anna Wintour would book who ever Tatiana turns out to be?

Alicia Pyke said...

Bingo! You sleuth Patty. Jenna's posts for Jezebel are just one of many things to love about that site. Looking forward to reading even more now she has blown her cover.

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