Friday, July 3, 2009

Hands on: The tactile photographic oeuvre of Posh and Becks

You’ve got to hand it to Giorgio Armani. His runway collections don’t thrill like they used to, but his advertising campaigns sure do. Notably, those for his underwear. Just released, this latest Emporio Armani underwear campaign featuring husband-and-wife mod team Victoria and David Beckham. No, it’s not the first time the duo has modelled together. In fact it's the second time they have done it for Armani. And the Beckhams, who celebrate their 10 year wedding anniversary tomorrow, continue to provide compelling evidence that sexual magnetism does not have to evaporate from long-term relationships - at least not when the cameras are rolling. Over the past six years they have posed for a steamy oeuvre of images for, among others, Vogue Italia Sport magazine, their own Intimately fragrance - and not forgetting Steven Klein's Beckham ahem, spread, for the August 2007 edition of W. In so many of the images (below), they can't keep their hands off each other - or indeed, themselves.

steven klein for w/

just jared

vogue italia sport/


TheLibrarian said...

Call me old fashioned but I believe the woman should wear the black nail polish in a relationship....LOL

Love the W cover - not sure about it being a cover, but hot photo of them. The Armani...meh. A bit disconnected looking. And why is she wearing shoes?

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