Friday, July 17, 2009

The September issue mystery

sarah stephens on set shooting vogue italia/modelfeed

Ellen Von Unwerth has already photographed Sarah Stephens twice: for the May 2008 issue of Russian Vogue and the September 2008 edition of Mixte. Now the sultry Melbourne-born brunette is about to complete a von Unwerth hat trick: an editorial for an upcoming issue of Vogue Italia. Stephens even logged shots of herself on set on Model Feed. But while any editorial in Vogue Italia is a great get for any model, mystery surrounds the cover of VI's September 2009 edition following a gossip snippet blogged by’s Wayne Sterling, whose sources say the issue is “a multiple cover extravaganza” involving two blondes and “a surprisingly unique choice of a brunette”. There are, of course, lots of brunettes.


Anonymous said...

the cover would be shot by meisel
so i doubt sarah has it

Sunster said...

I was just going to leave a similar comment, what's that book that just came out "317 and counting" all the covers Meisel has shot for Vogue Italia.
So yeah as anonmous just said, Unwerth does regularly contribute to the editorial pages, but the cover is Steven's territory


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