Friday, July 17, 2009

Catherine McNeil shoots a heroine cover for Numéro

There might be a question mark over Sarah Stephens' exact involvement with the September Vogue Italia, but another Chic Management brunette definitely has a new page one under her belt. Catherine McNeil graces the cover of issue #105 of influential French magazine Numéro - with her brows either bleached or airbrushed to achieve fashion's increasingly popular no-brows look (the subject of a story in today's New York Times). Shot by Greg Kadel and styled by Franck Benhamou, the cover is of course another great get for McNeil who, in just two years, has risen to the world number eight position on's Top 50 working models ranking. The Numéro cover emerges at the same time as McNeil's spectacular Patrick Demarchelier editorial in the August edition of German Vogue. However frockwriter can't help thinking just how cynical Numéro's "héroine" double entendre coverline is - not to mention's "Heroine addict" headline on its blog entry overnight. Drugs have always been a problem in the modelling business. Earlier this week, veteran Australian model Emma Balfour slammed the fashion enablers of the 1990s "heroin chic" look for being "f***ing irresponsible". But the 40 year-old mother of two has been out of the business for some time. With last October's death of 20 year-old American model Randy Johnston and that of 27 year-old American artist and occasional model Dash Snow just four days ago - both from heroin overdoses - you have to wonder how big the current heroin problem in New York's fashion and art scene might be.


A Colourful Guy Drowning In A Sea Of Penguins said...

Heroin has been a problem in NYC for the last 35+ years, at least. And, I don't see it going away any time soon.

Although the FBI likes to talk about how they "broke the Mafia's back", La Cosa Nostra is still heavily involved in the importation of heroin into NYC ports. Also, with the city's rather large Latin American population to rely upon, as drug mules, the Colombian syndicates are having a real go at heroin manufacturing and export into it as well.

NY1: Heroin Making A Dangerous Comeback Among City's Youth

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