Monday, September 14, 2009

Tracy Grimshaw gets the cold shoulder from Twitter's fashion police

screengrab by kollektor

Well we know the importance of the statement shoulder in fashion right now, but who’d have thought Tracy Grimshaw would be among the first to champion the look on Australian mainstream television? The anchor of the Nine Network’s tabloid current affairs program A Current Affair has recently taken to sporting a series of strong-shouldered jackets. Instead of being applauded for her sartorial bravura however, Grimshaw has been slammed by that insta-barometer of public opinion, social media. Although apparently it is not the first time Grimshaw has worn the look on-air, tonight’s jacket did not go down well with Twitter's fashion police.

Noted Luke Carter:

“Is tracey grimshaw trying out for NFL or what?”

“Tracey Grimshaw looks RIDICULOUS!!!!!”

Dean Worland:
“WTF, Tracy Grimshaw doing the big shoulder on A Current Affair tonight, there's an age limit to fashion forwardedness, buzz cut is needed TG”

“Is it just me or does Tracy Grimshaw look like she has just come from the Star Trek set tonight?”

“Jesus Tracy Grimshaw ditch the shoulder pads already”

While ziz wondered:
“wonder what gordon ramsey would make of tracey grimshaw's shoulder pads tonight”

With only tinaintassie offering some words of support:
“Let Tracey Grimshaw know she looks great tonight. Love the big shoulders coming back”

Frockwriter is still attempting to ID the brand behind tonight’s two-tone cream and black affair with epaulettes - a Covers '80s redux is apparently one possibility. Update 11.16pm: Since ID'd by a reader as Australian designer Carla Zampatti.

carla zampatti

Meanwhile, we did manage to track down one Australian television industry source - who didn't seem particularly fond of the look either.

“Clearly Tracy is embracing the new shoulder pad big time” said the source.

“The shoulder pad on a bigger woman, you put them on tv, it’s huge. She’s tall – she’d easily be 5’10” in bare feet - and she’s got big shoulders. She can look bigger than she really is and she’s someone who probably doesn’t need a shoulder pad like that. They can look very modern on a young, little thing but once you get to a certain age, it can look a little dangerous”.

The source added: “Noone can change that woman. It’s the bane of the network’s life, her not wanting to take advice. She’s dressing herself”.


Super Kawaii Mama said...

It should be remembered that the rule with working any iconic vintage look, that if you wore it the first time around,let it lie the second! I think this was the problem for poor Tracy. I wonder what she'll think when she sees the footage?

A Colourful Guy Drowning said...

It looks OK to me; not fabulous nor ridiculous though; just OK. The roundness of her face compensates for the boxiness of the profile.

As for the iconic vintage look "rule" I'm going to have to differ with SKM: If it looked good on one the first time around, it will probably still look good the second, as long as one's body shape hasn't changed drastically.

Anonymous said...

it's Carla Zampatti ( who knew) . Angela BIshop has also been wearing this jacket for months on air , dragging it out at every occasion . I think Marcia Hines wore the bright yellow version on Idol last night also .

Hope this helps , D x

Patty Huntington said...

many thanks for the ID.

Fashion Doohickey said...

Oopsies? LOL

Alyx said...

I love that jacket, but that sort of look is a big mistake at the news desk. I think the observation that "She can look bigger than she really is and she’s someone who probably doesn’t need a shoulder pad like that," is a fair critique, but more than that, it's a bad move to wear such a boxy piece when you don't have a long, lean trouser to compliment the look. The way she's getting cut off at the waist makes her look like a linebacker. I think, were she standing up, it may have been quite chic. Lee Lin is still the reigning queen of news desk fashion.

Sam said...

Hi Patty,
I am just dying for you to do a post on the Aussie girls at New York Fashion Week, particularly Myf (who has hardly been in any shows, well compared to last time) and Rachel Rutt who has popped up a bit (so wanted her to be in Alexander Wang but unfortunately no! Didn't she do the resort lookbook or something?).

Patty Huntington said...

hi sam -

i am keeping an eye on things but unfortunately i have been tied up with other work, which has to take priority, because that is currently how i earn a living. believe me, i would love to be able to do nothing else but focus on the shows but that's just the way it is. i will get to SS10 as soon as i can.


Sam said...

fully understand that you are busy! can't wait to see what you have to say about SS10!

Agent of Art said...

old style!

marian said...

The jacket is now and fresh - the black inside sleeve and side panel is a clever trick for the eye for a svelt effect. Tracy is a curvy strong woman and I like that she is trying new shapes Carla Zampatti is a great designer. However I feel her hair is actually the culprit in this instance. Or a darker shade would be a little less jarring.

Jesse said...

I think she looks great, usually she's covered in tacky unflattering garments.

melissa said...

jackets ok but why do our
newscasters hair always look so
contrived and stiff and tortured.

A dreamer said...

i think a certain sbs weekend newsreader could pull this jacket off a little better ;)

Anonymous said...

Hate to say this but having worked for a label that has dressed Tracy for years, I can tell you that it is not for fashion sake that she has been doing the big shoulders. Zampatti is now one of the only labels left that can fit Tracy in a size 14. In most other labels she is now a 16 and she wont 'be seen' in anything above a 14.

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