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Cole Mohr and the trench coat mafia

slam pigs

After all the female model bloggers we have looked at over the past 12 months, frockwriter was interested to spot Slam Pigs, the new-ish blog from 23 year-old Texan Cole Mohr, who has been omnipresent over the past two years. Before he recently told Nylon Guys that “I didn’t want to be a model because I didn’t also want to be a hooker [laughs]”, Mohr told The Fashion Spot that he entered the fashion world when, “I was homeless. got scouted. while smoking ***EDIT***”. Considering that Mohr’s first modelling gig was reportedly a Dior Homme campaign in 2006, one might well assume he was scouted by former Dior Homme creative director Hedi Slimane. In January 2007, Mohr opened the Dior Homme Fall/Winter 07/08 show and has been working steadily since for luxury names including Lanvin, Costume National and Balenciaga, as well as H&M and Marc by Marc Jacobs. In the latter's unforgettably androgynous Juergen Teller-lensed Fall 08/09 campaign, Mohr was dressed in both the mens and womens collection.

In a model blog story overnight, Refinery29 warned readers that the blog was NSFW. Not only is the blog not safe for work, its explicit content has been flagged by Blogger. And with good reason. It’s rather twisted - and not necessarily in a David Fincher/Mark Romanek/Nine Inch Nails kind of way.

The blog appears to take its name from the slang term slam pig, which has multiple meanings, notably a derogatory sexual reference to women.

It contains images and videos of animal carcasses, dead bodies, mutant animals, knives, guns, decapitations, vomiting, fellatio, guns, slaughter, road kill, guns, sadomasochists being tortured, funerals, car crashes, explosions, guns, mutant body builders, pigs, blood, wounds, police mug shots, identikit sketches, bukkake and swastikas. Oh and cute animals – the latter fortunately among very few subjects who do not appear to have been tortured.

The blog also depicts various slogans, which include (accompanied by an image of the late child beauty pageant star, JonBenét Ramsey):


And not forgetting:

No idea if Mohr was in fact homeless at any stage of his early life – or whether that was just an interview embellishment. Life is of course tough on the streets. Particularly tough for young homeless boys with pretty faces. Even tougher for young, homeless, pretty straight boys.

Ranked the world number 17 male model by, Mohr was ranked the world number four top-earning male model in 2008 by, which made its calculations based on magazine covers, spreads, advertising campaigns, contracts and runway shows over the previous two seasons.

In 2009 however, Mohr slipped six places to number 10 on the same Forbes list.

Like every other business, the modelling industry has not been immune to the impact of the recession. In July last year Steven Priebe from Sydney's Chadwick Models told this blog that US catalogue work for male models had virtually dried up overnight due to ad cutbacks.

Last week, Chadwick Melbourne director Matthew Anderson told this blog that the past 12 months had witnessed a significant pullback in the mens modelling market from the fashionably skinny and androgynous look championed by Hedi “heroin chic” Slimane, to a more conservative beefcake look.

Noted Anderson, “Within a three month period we went from scrawn to brawn”.

Of course, another former Slimane star, Randy Johnston, didn't live to see the market turnaround. Johnston died last October from a heroin overdose.

The fall of scrawny, androgynous Mohr on Forbes' top-earning models list may well have had something to do with this market shift.

But who knows what - if any - impact the blog has had on his professional image.

In a post entitled "I am a supermodel" Mohr makes a sterling effort to live up to his reputation:

slam pigs


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