Thursday, July 22, 2010

Jenny Mercian dresses Lara Stone for French Playboy

celebrity69 via fashionising

Jenny Mercian has made a career out of bejewelling bombshells. Since she first set foot on the fashion stage in May 2005, displaying her spectacular crystal body jewellery at a trade show stand at Australian Fashion Week, the Sydney-based jeweller has been a principal supplier to five Victoria’s Secret Fashion Shows, outfitting the likes of Gisele Bundchen, Heidi Klum, Tyra Banks and Alessandra Ambrosio in increasingly elaborate showpieces (and on Friday, winning the Catwalk Jewels of the Year Award at the UK Jewellery Awards for her runway efforts). Well now Mercian can add Lara Stone to that list. In the June/July issue of Playboy France, the world number one wears Mercian’s dramatic onyx/crystal corset and cuff – and not much else (NSFW). Here is a clearer image of the cuff, below, although it must be said, it’s not one of Stone’s better shots.

celebrity69 via fashionising
The story, entitled “Lara Stone is my drug”, was shot by Greg Lotus last year, although it’s unclear if the images have previously been published in print.

Numerous websites picked the images up last December, including Fashion Gone Rogue, with only the Greg Lotus website cited as a source. In any event, Playboy includes several other apparently unseen images from the same series.

The pieces were originally made for the 2008 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and were worn by Selita Ebanks:


Lara Stone was in that VS show, but did not wear any of Mercian’s jewellery

The jewellery worn by Stone in Playboy came via the London headquarters of Mercian's sponsor Swarovski, which holds some of her jewellery and loans it out for various shoots. 

And it obviously gets around - because here are the same pieces in the background of Mercian's Sydney studio in this Today Tonight story which ran in December. 

"I got it FedExed in and out for the TT story as it's my favourite piece" she told frockwriter.

Mercian's jewellery isn't the only Australian connection to Playboy France. 

Australian model Tiah Eckhardt who, coincidentally, has just replaced Stone as the face of French lingerie brand Eres, appeared in Playboy France in December 2008


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Just saw Lara Stone is suing French Playboy for unauthorised use of those pics.


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