Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bluralism, apparently now also a legit advertising medium

etro via TFS

Each time frockwriter has brought this subject up over the past 15 months, it appears to have rattled the cages of the flat earthers, who like their photography crystal clear. The deluge of blurry images taken on cellphones at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week in April 2009 - christened "Bluralism" - was denounced as "a demonstration of the failure of new media". Three months later, when we reported that New York’s Stephen Weiss studio had staged an exhibition of artists' cellphone images, one commenter noted “New media is an interesting, rapidly expanding force... but how does this compare to that of other entities that actually create imagery that has a lasting impact culturally”. What to make, then, of the Fall/Winter 2010/2011 advertising campaign from Italian fashion brand Etro, which bears a distinct resemblance to blurry, amateur, backstage cellphone photography? Irrespective of whether or not a cellphone was actually used for the job, or the effect was achieved in post-production, that's precisely the look Etro appears to have been trying to achieve. Those crazy Italians. Further details on the campaign, ie names of the relevant creatives, have yet to emerge.

all images: etro via TFS


Anonymous said...

My eyes hurt -_-

Anonymous said...

Yeah, yeah you're a genius, ahead of your time, etc.

If naysayers put your ability with a camera down Patty it's probably just a reflection of how uninformative your coverage of RAFW was last year. You might be a skilled commentator but with a lot of your coverage consisting of terribly inadequate images with no information or insight people might have wondered what the point was to some of your posts. Sometimes being first doesn't say any more than nothing at all.

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