Friday, July 30, 2010

There's no other store for maternity wear like David Jones?

The KerrBloom camp can run, but it seems it can’t hide, from those pesky pregnancy rumours. This morning, Miranda Kerr’s publicist Carlii Lyon was still adopting a no comment position on the now deafening chorus of claims that the real reason behind Kerr’s and Bloom’s elopement – and her withdrawal from next Tuesday’s David Jones Spring/Summer 2010 runway show in Sydney – is because she is three months pregnant. The US press is now running hot with the story, after US Weekly yesterday quoted an unnamed friend  confirming the pregnancy, while OK! Magazine quoted a Victoria’s Secret colleague, Jessica White, proclaiming, so discreetly, “She’s preggos!”. With The Sun quoting hotel staff. Today’s mail delivery of the David Jones Summer 2010 “Brand Book” unfortunately did not really do much to help quell speculation. Not surprisingly, it features Kerr on the cover. But inside, Kerr shares quite a lot of space with Nicole Trunfio and Viviens’ Allegra Carpenter. And while Kerr often does share the catalogues with other faces, notably when it comes to showcasing the junior fashion lines, Trunfio seems to be unusually prominently placed here, which may suggest she is poised to assume a greater DJs role.

Trunfio’s numerous catalogue cameos include the back cover (bottom, also second from the bottom), a full page of Willow runway shots and a lingerie spread (below), which includes one image of Kerr - who, some might well argue, appears a little more ample-bosomed than usual.

Trunfio also wears a one-shouldered Lisa Ho dress in which Kerr was originally photographed for the catalogue, a shot that was included in a series of images recently released to The Sunday Telegraph (several other shots from which do not appear in the catalogue). 

Kerr is photographed wearing several structured dresses but, it could be said, the angles are quite flattering. 

She does, however, seem to be wearing a number of loose garments.

Blame it on all the pregnancy talk, or just fashion’s evergreen smock/muumuu/babydoll trend – which men have been complaining for several years now makes women “look pregnant” - but dang if Kerr doesn’t look like she’s sporting the very beginnings of a baby bump in some pictures. You be the judge.

all images: chris colls for david jones, scanned by frockwriter


Anonymous said...

I now can't recall whether it was DJs or Myer who told me they no longer do maternity clothes anymore, there's no demand.

I was furious (& pregnant)! So much for customer retention, why would they think I'd come back to buy kids' clothes/toys/shoes? Demographic trends may/should have reversed the decision by now.

Think it was DJ's Sydney CBD, circa 2005.

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