Monday, July 19, 2010

From the shop floor to page one

Long time, no Southern Highlands update. That’s the picturesque countryside located just over one hour by car from Sydney, to which a bunch of Sydney fashion (among other) folk have migrated for weekends - or else, for good. Last October, frockwriter revealed Australian politician and former Sex Discrimination Commissioner Pru Goward channeling Mad Men in a fashion spread for the second edition of new Highlands mag SoHi, which attracted further coverage (and demands by Goward FYI to remove our post). Nothing too controversial for the third edition which came out on the weekend, with Sydney deliveries due this week (or buy from the website). Just convos with three treechangers (James Roberts, Dave Penn and Sal Farrow), a craft collab with Tamara Maynes and a story about gardening as schizophrenia therapy. “You know, the usual country concerns presented in a twisted way” says Exeter-based founder/editor Rebecca Wolkenstein. But there's a great untold story in the edition's cover star, Sofia Olson, who also appears in a fashion editorial inside the magazine (below), shot by John Laurie and inspired by the work of another SH local, artist John Olsen. 

The Swedish native is not a professional fashion model per se, but was street cast – or make that shop cast – by Sydney street casting agency Six Wolves six months ago, while working in sass & bide’s Oxford Street, Paddington store. 

Olson is still apparently working there, alongside booking a raft of other jobs from clients looking for beautiful 'real' people. These have included a role as a backpacker in the Labor Party's controversial anti-mining tax tvc, which never made it to air.
One clip which has had a great run, however, is Brian McFadden's new Chemical Romance video, below. Olson plays the hero female (from 2.10 onwards), looking very much like a dead ringer for actor Diane Kruger.
Frockwriter predicts it's not the last we will see of her. 


all images: supplied exclusively to frockwriter by sohi magazine


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