Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sarah Stephens: Attempts explanation of "dag" to NY reporter - shows safest way to channel Wino

screen grab/'the cut'

Moving away from Tavi-gate for a moment, New York magazine’s The Cut blog steered into what it undoubtedly hoped would be less hater-laden waters yesterday: model interviews. Up-and-coming Oz supermod – and Chic hatchling - Sarah Stephens was yesterday’s video subject.

Click here to see the video.

The most interesting part of the iv is when Stephens finds herself having to explain the meaning of the Australian slang term "dag" to reporter Kendall Herbst.

Herbst: “How were you discovered? What was your big break?”

Stephens: “I won the Girlfriend Model Search. I didn’t expect it. I was the dag at school”

Herbst: “What’s the dag?”

Stephens: “Oh sorry – not the loner….. [thinks] A bit of a nerd. I was a bit of a square in Melbourne.”

[UPDATE 26/7 @ 12.05pm: As one reader pointed out overnight, Stephens is from Sydney, not Melbourne and what sounds very much like "a square in Melbourne" in the iv might in fact be "a square Melvin". I'll try and clarify this].

Damned shame she didn't clarify the exact origins of the word dag.

For the benefit of any internationals reading, please be advised that the original meaning of the word “dag” - ie before it was adopted as slang - is in fact a piece of poo dangling off a sheep’s bum.

Stephens also mentions that she “played in a band” at school.

Unlike Michaela Gerhmann however, the instrument in question does not appear to have been the drums. I’m sure I heard Stephens say “bass clarinet”.

With Oz models channelling Amy Winehouse very much the flavour of the week moreover, interesting to see Stephens point to some editorial in her portfolio and then explain the shoot's styling inspiration.

“It’s sort of like Amy Winehouse” explains Stephens;

“Minus the crack of course”.


Anonymous said...

Patti, I'm sure she says "square Melvin" which sounds like another term for a nerd.
She comes from Sydney, not Melbourne.

Patty Huntington said...

Hey many thanks anon. Have updated (see above)

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