Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Killer heels

sonny vandevelde

Here are the Nicholas Kirkwood platform stilettos which caused Abbey Lee Kershaw’s undoubtedly soon-to-be-widely-publicised-in-Oz spill on Rodarte’s runway yesterday.

In case anyone is wondering Kershaw is apparently OK, at least according to her Australian agent Kathy Ward – in spite of the fact that Kershaw had, says Ward, already broken one ankle last year.

The spill was news to Ward when I called her. She noted that the agency’s New York affiliate Next had not mentioned the incident to her in a phone call earlier this morning.

Kershaw joins a growing coterie of models who have come a runway cropper due to absurdly high shoes.

Naomi Campbell once famously fell in a pair of ludicrous Vivienne Westwood platforms, Jessica Stam is another catwalk toppler and earlier this week Arlenis Sosa fell in the BCBG Max Azria show.

Yes the shoes are high. Getting higher by the season – in spite of the fact that YSL’s shoe manufacturer Vittorini Rigato told me backstage in October last year:

“The highest that we manufacture and the highest on the market is 125mm. Afterwards, you fall over. Even 125mm is difficult for walking”.

Kershaw did not of course need any additional publicity this season.

She was already having a blockbuster second runway season in New York with additionally, as frockwriter has reported, not one, but two international fashion magazine covers about to hit the newstands. has already picked the Rodarte story up – including the Swarovski TV video of the show.

As their source on the story Ninemsn quotes Jessica Coen, ex-Gawker, who now works at New York magazine and did this post on Kershaw’s spill on The Cut blog.

Jessica Coen didn’t break the story -’s Style File blog did, to which I link in my post. Coen also links to it. also reports that Kershaw is ranked the world number 21 working model on

As it happens, I reported that figure this morning. I could be wrong, however I’m not sure it has been reported anywhere else beyond's listings themselves.

Click here to see Sonny Vandevelde's backstage Rodarte reportage.
Click here to see the complete collection on


Imelda Matt said...

Ha! Fashion Road comes to mind! Thanks for the heads up, I'm just updating my post with images.

Anonymous said...

But when are you going to interview that total style-micron Julia Allison?

Patty Huntington said...

anon - not a bad idea at all.

sonny said...

Gawd, who's the cow, that just walked straight past her and did not stop to help her up again

Patty Huntington said...

sunster - you're asking me?

Inspire the Starling said...

Who wouldn't fall in those beauties? Half of my wants to laugh, half wants to shake the girls hand for remaining professional. Nice blog....found you thorugh the equally fabulous Imedla Matt and Sonny. I always had a secret fetish for Aussies ;)

Bryanboy said...

eeew julia allison's attention whoring antics is even worse than paris hilton's.

ok fine i'd rather take julia allison over that mary social climber chicken of the sea rambin

Clare B said...

Oh Poor Abbey Lee! You can see her wobbling and struggling.

The girl couldn't have stopped and helped her up, she would have got in loads of trouble - they are told to walk on by if there is a fall. x

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