Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bloggers on the runway at New York Fashion Week?

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Well they made it to the front row, where else is there for the fashion media’s new celebrities to go but the runway and advertising campaigns? Bryanboy is currently at New York Fashion Week and recently hinted that he just signed his first advertising campaign. No word yet on what that is. But one might easily speculate that Marc Jacobs seems an obvious (and yes, perhaps far too obvious) fit, given that over the past two years Bryanboy has become an unofficial online ambassador for the brand. Frockwriter was fascinated to just learn via The Imagist (aka’s editorial director Wayne Sterling) that Marc Jacobs may be using an element of street casting for Monday’s show. Then came word from Wikifashion co-founder Madeline Veenstra, an Australian covering Chictopia10, the Fashion 2.0 conference that’s on right now in New York (by proxy), that two YouTube beauty bloggers are due to walk in an as yet unnamed New York Fashion Week show.

On closer inspection they are sisters Blair (top) and Elle Fowler. According to a video update just posted by 21 year-old Elle, the two are indeed due to walk in one show and her 16 year-old sister Blair was the youngest makeup artist to have ever worked as makeup director at a New York Fashion Week show: Minnie Mortimer. The latter being one of a score of low profile labels that show at New York Fashion Week which is yes, a leviathan event.

Bloggers who appear either on runways or in ad campaigns are unlikely to win favour with the fashion media establishment, which has accused bloggers of becoming the butt boys and girls of fashion advertisers.

The fash blogosphere’s riposte: those in graft houses shouldn’t throw stones.


A Colourful Guy Drowning said...

"accused bloggers of becoming the butt boys and girls of fashion advertisers."

Oh, damn! Harsh! LOL!

Unfortunately, some of them really are! ;)

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