Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Burberry revolution: streaming live, in 3D AND via the blogosphere's long tail

Well unless you’ve been living under a rock in a galaxy far from Planet Fashion – perhaps Pandora – then you might not be aware that iconic British luxury label Burberry is about to make fashion history in just over six hours' time. In a season in which seemingly very second runway show has been live streamed to the net, Burberry is taking this new fashion concept one step further by not only streaming live for the third consecutive season, but additionally, broadcasting in 3D. Teaming up with SKY Television, Burberry will broadcast a 3D version of the show to guests in five global locations: Skylight Studios in New York, the Beaux-Arts in Paris, The Address in Dubai, La Fabrique in Tokyo and Milk Studios in Los Angeles. In another first, Burberry has moved beyond its own website and provided various websites and blogs with its embeddable video player. So, beyond Burberry's own site, there will be a plethora of net destinations via which you will be able to watch the show live at 16.00pm GMT (3.00am AEST) - with, by all accounts, 15 minutes of behind-the-scenes footage prior to that. These sites include frockwriter. Many thanks to Burberry for including us.

But frockwriter does have to chuckle at the naiveté of some of the other Burberry code recipients.

Underneath its player, Grazia Australia for example has advised readers they can check out “exclusive interviews and red-carpet coverage via Grazia.com.au”.

Click on the email icon to the side of the player and anyone can copy and paste the embed code onto their own blog - a function that has been disabled on the player on Burberry's own site.

According to Burberry, to add to the festivities, the Twitterific ELLE US creative director Joe Zee, along with our buddy Bryanboy, will be “taking over” Burberry’s Twitter feed for the show duration.

Meanwhile, Burberry creative director Christopher Bailey has been busy recording these video meet-and-greets on YouTube and The Daily Beast (which is affiliated with the New York live stream).

Things are moving so quickly in Fashion 2.0, you have to wonder what the Spring/Summer 2011 season holds in store.

Eighteen of the coats and 33 of the bags are available for pre order from Burberry's website for three days following the show.

Burberry was not the only brand to offer its collection to consumers straight off the runway this season, nor was it the first to do so.

In September, Burberry sold two trench coats from its Spring/Summer 2010 show straight from the live stream and website, with consumers receiving their orders in three to four weeks, approximately three months ahead of their arrival in store.

Needless to say, the retail revolution has only just begun


A Colourful Guy Drowning said...

Oh, god! Not another company/brand jumping on the 3D bandwagon! *roll eyes*

Despite all the hype surrounding 3D images on a 2D display, it really hasn't evolved much since the 70's, and still requires one to wear those silly glasses in order to view it. And, it's still as headache and nausea inducting as it ever was!

If tech companies really want to push 3D as the future of video broadcasting then I'd suggest they work on inexpensive, full colour holographic display technologies which don't require one to wear the glasses to get the effect. Anything less than that and they may as well just stream multi-angle, hi-def video and stop toying around with 3D on 2D.

Regardless, the live streaming of fashion shows can only be good for both the brands and the consumers in the long run because it cuts out the middleman. ;)

The Democratization of Fashion: Live Streaming Comes to the Forefront

Anonymous said...

Who / What was the presenter? Totally unnecessary (and terrible!).

Stellar collection though.

crybaby said...

i don't know much about internet usage but it seems it's a very smart way to distribute the bandwidth. 3D is a good gimmick but can someone please make more stylish frames? :)

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