Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Christina Carey nabs Marc Jacobs

marc jacobs fw1011/style.com

Word just in from backstage at Marc Jacobs (via Sonny Vandevelde) is that Priscilla's Christina Carey is the only Australian model booked for the show (confirmed). The Marc Jacobs show, which is due to kick off at 12.00pm AEST (8.00pm EST), is one of the most prestigious modelling gigs at New York Fashion Week - if not the most prestigious. You can watch the show live stream on marcjacobs.com. Great get for Carey.


sonny Vandevelde said...

I'm nearly 80 % sure she did it last season as well, or some other big name show
And we always used to see her the past few years in Paris when ever Martin Grant had a show

Patty Huntington said...

definitely didn't do MJ last season or the previous season - or ever before, as far as i am aware.

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