Wednesday, February 17, 2010

"No change" to Alexander McQueen's Paris show date and production

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Surely the biggest question on the lips of everyone in the fashion world at the moment, beyond what the future holds for the Alexander McQueen brand, is, just what is happening with the scheduled presentation of McQueen’s Fall/Winter 2010/2011 collection at 8.30pm on March 9 in Paris? In the wake of the designer’s suicide on February 11, plans would obviously have been thrown into chaos. Irrespective of what happens to the brand in the longterm however, for the time being it is still a going concern. And the collection was reportedly completed, including final fittings, in the week prior to McQueen's death. Frockwriter has just checked with the Paris shows organising body, the Chambre Syndicale, which reports there is so far "aucune modification" (no change) to the schedule. Sources close to McQueen’s atelier, moreover, tell frockwriter that in terms of the production of showpieces commissioned specifically for the presentation, there is also no change to the delivery deadline. Whether the items are destined for the show, or merely for future photographic purposes, is unclear. But why the hurry otherwise? UPDATE: MCQUEEN'S NAME REMOVED FROM SCHEDULE, BUT SHOW STILL REPORTEDLY GOING AHEAD ON THE 9TH.


Ansley said...

Really glad it's still on, I can't wait to see it! I just wish he could be there presenting it :/

A Colourful Guy Drowning said...

Just a guess, but I'd assume that Gucci Group would want to rush this so as to cash in on McQueen's legacy while it's still fresh in people's minds - Quite like what happened after Michael Jackson's death, and the release of that movie, and just about every other high profile celebrity death I can think of in recent years.

While this approach is not the most humane and compassionate one I can think of, it makes sense from a business standpoint.

morgan said...

Is this still true? I looked at the schedule, and didn't see Mcqueen on it.

Patty Huntington said...

morgan -

my apologies, i did do another post on this, but forgot to update this original one with a link. the show is reportedly still going ahead on the 9th, even though the name has since been removed from the schedule:

Anonymous said...

I have worked with Alexander McQueen for 10 years. Out of respect for the man, the person, and all of those who are still trying to come to terms with Lee's untimely demise, the brand will not be putting on a blow out catwalk show, but will indeed present the collection( which was indeed already cut and finished) in a very intimate setting as it is sure to be emotional for all who loved him.
The brand will go on, not in Gucci's bid to cash in, but as all of us who had the joy and pleasure of working with Lee remain committed to building our brand, and carrying on his legacy.

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