Monday, February 22, 2010

sass & bide's cutting edge chic

"A visual collision of nature and industry; an all-consuming collective celebrating the drama of contrast and contradiction" is how sass & bide describes its Fall/Winter 2010/2011 'Tomorrow the Great' collection that was shown at London Fashion Week on Friday night. But it seems there was a little too much drama for some, with the glass shard-like invitation, above (which appeared to be echoed in some intriguing saber tooth-shaped metal clutches), reportedly drawing blood from more than one attendee. Let's hope they didn't get any on the collection, which heavily featured white and ecru.

There was lots of embellishment, as we have of course come to expect from boho de luxe queens Heidi Middleton and Sarah-Jane Clarke. On this occasion, they added shell and bone to their already well-rehearsed repertoire of metallic sequins and braids, creating a Pasikifa pastiche of ornamental cummerbunds, capelets and breastplates.

Tarty bodycon microdresses - which would be right at home in the fictitious Russian strip club which apparently inspired the accompanying silver vinylite platform shoes - were counterpointed against demure blouses with Victorian necklines, fluid, full-legged trousers and one stellar ivory sheath with a seed-encrusted yoke.

This is sass & bide's second season back in London after a hiatus of several years showing in New York and the city's rich creative/craft heritage, not to mention its far more personalised show schedule, are a much better fit for the label's quirky cool girl vibe.

collection photos: sass & bide
invitation photo: fashionista


Clara said...

It's just so same same. They've been recycling their worn-out ideas for so long. Boring. It's a shame, there are so many designers who could better represent Australia in ny.

Sunster said...

sacre blue
what ! ?
they did not use any aussie girls
not very kosher


Alyx said...

After several pretty strong showings, I have to say I'm a little disappointed. Some of those dresses don't even look like they fit the models, and while the embellishments are interesting, they're not much of a departure from their current (better) season...

maria kotsari said...

I want them

Anonymous said...

I'm not a huge sass and bide fan myself but I must say that it is notable that they used a couple of multicultural models, an Asian girl and a black girl. It's a refreshing change from the monoculturalism of most catwalk shows. Viva la difference!

Fashion&Circus said...


amazing collectoin- i blogged on it too! lovelylovely

I love your post


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