Sunday, January 18, 2009

And baby makes five


Anyone too polite to ask just what Rachel Griffiths might have been hiding under that gold toga-style Ralph Rucci gown at last week’s Golden Globes, here is your answer: congrats are due to Griffiths and Andrew Taylor who are indeed expecting their third child. Griffiths just confirmed the news to People magazine – and the story has been spreading across the net (although apparently not as far as Australia just yet), as if the new Griffiths-Taylor could be the Second Coming. The Brothers & Sisters star and her artist husband are already parents to five year-old Banjo Patrick and three year-old Adelaide Rose. Frockwriter is taking bets that the third will be called Ned, Sydney, Lawson, Matilda, Nellie, Melba or Rolf.


whoozqueen said...

Barry (Crocker)?
Maggie (T)?
or perhaps the modern muse, Kylie?

Patty Huntington said...


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