Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Model ID fail @ ACP

myf shepherd, not shepard, at christian dior haute couture SS09 - and definitely not alexandra agoston-o'connor/getty

Frockwriter doesn’t want to be too hard on the poor old worker bees over at ACP, especially in the wake of today’s news that this week’s edition of Grazia carries a mere 11 pages of ads and advertorial. Whilst Woolworths reports that it is moving Grazia from the prime checkout position in “the majority” if its 780 stores to the general magazine section, due to slow sales - amidst predictions that circulation figures for the December quarter, due for release next month, are expected to be lower than the 70,000 of the initial audit. But look for all the time that the “acp.com.au” domain name spends on this blog every day, we are disappointed that a few key details seem to be getting lost in translation.

Firstly, accompanying Grazia's online haute couture diary from Alexandra Agoston-O’Connor today, is an image from yesterday’s Christian Dior show in Paris, together with the caption:
“Alexandra walks in the Dior haute couture spring 09 show in Paris”.

screengrab grazia.ninemsn.com.au

Guys, that is not Agoston-O’Connor at all, but in fact another Australian model, Myf Shepherd.

FYI this is Agoston-O'Connor in the same show:

christian dior SS09 haute couture/getty

Memo to ACP stablemate Harpers Bazaar moreover, that is in fact the correct spelling of Shepherd's surname, as distinct from “Myf Shepard”, as is reported today by the Harpers' team re Shepherd's new incarnation as muse for the Superfine denim brand (which frockwriter reported last week):

screengrab harpersbazaar.com.au

We all make mistakes. But, you know, if indie blogs and web forums which don't have your gargantuan resources (not to mention advertising) can get it right, then why on earth can't you?

It's not like you spend so many hours newsgathering your own original stories that you don't have the time to check.

Sadly this is neither the first time that Harpers has called Shepherd Myf "Shepard":

screengrab harpersbazaar.com.au

Nor even the second occasion:

screengrab harpersbazaar.com.au

Thanking you.


Paul said...


By the by, Alexandra looked amazinger than even her regular amazing.

Best Dior couture collection for years. And it's good to know that just one of the dresses is supporting a major fabric manufacturing business. Screw you, global economic meltdown!

Mike said...

This is what I absolutely love the immense strength and power that independent fashion bloggers and writers have. Being able to flesh out and actually dictate stories properly. Now professional media outlets are looking to us. Also, we're quite saavy to know counters track everything, everything.

It's purely profound to find even Myf's name can be spelt wrong. What the hell is wrong? I saw Myf on Seven News, as always Ann quite excited to read the story being a Armani girl.

Bryanboy said...


far out brussel sprout said...

you own fashion news. love it.

Joe D said...

Are you serious??
shepherd...shepard come on close enough. I think it'll all getting a little picky, write about something interesting, not somone elses mistake. Mistakes happen, people reading boring articles don't.

Anonymous said...

Everyone makes mistakes.
Who cares if it is Shepherd, Shepard, Chepard, Schepard, we all knew what they meant.
Think we need some more news worth articles.....

Imelda Matt - The Despotic Queen of Shoes said...

'ding-ding', Patchworks just delivered a knock out blow to the head.

Joe D and Anon (which is a piss weak may to post a comment), I'm certain should someone in the media misspell your name you'd get all hot diggity about it!

Besides the misspelling of Myf's surname isn't the point of this post. The point is, if indie (mostly unpaid) bloggers can get it right then why can't those with more dollars / resources?

Sweetface McGee said...

TRUE DAT! a major publishing house should always get spelling/captioning correct! Especially if people like frockwriter can, and do, consistently. No excuses for sloppiness. If you're not sure, take approx 5 seconds to google 'myf model' and bang - there's her name!

Model said...

Hi Patty, thought I'd point u at http://www.modelfeed.com which has alot of the upncoming superstarmodels you mention in yer post :) Site is currently alpha so would love to hear your feedback... Team is spread across Sydney and Melbourne. Cheers, BB

Patty Huntington said...

hi Model -

tks for thinking of me. in fact chic's kathy ward told me about modelfeed on wednesday but asked me to hold off for 24 hours - even though it was already live on wednesday. i think they wanted to fine-tune a couple of things. but i've just done a post on it.


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