Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Myf mystery: Bound for the cover of Paris Vogue?

russh japan via tfs

As frockwriter reported in November, an additional eight models are due to feature alongside Katie Holmes in Miu Miu’s SS09 campaign, including Australia’s new modelling supernova Myf Shepherd. There is no sign of Shepherd, or anyone else, in the first Miu Miu image. While we are waiting to see the rest of the campaign, here is Shepherd, meanwhile, on her very first international cover: the February edition of RUSSH Japan. And frockwriter wonders if perhaps RUSSH might not be the only international glossy to have been thinking along Myf lines for an upcoming cover.

As we also revealed on November 28, Shepherd recently shot editorial for the German and Paris editions of Vogue. The German Vogue editorial is already out in the February edition.

As many may already be aware, the February edition of Paris Vogue is entirely dedicated to Dutch supermod Lara Stone.

Last week, on his personal blog The Imagist, co-founder Wayne Sterling left this tantalising teaser about the March edition of the magazine. Sterling, presumably, has some advance intel.

The March edition is due to showcase, noted Sterling - and frockwriter assumes he was referring to the cover, a:

“haute fresh new face striking a stark but elegant pose. A new generation star is born. Trust”.

If you’re thinking there is no precedent for a totally new international, nay Australian, model scoring the cover of an international Vogue title, think again.

In June 2007, just two months after her first spectacular international show season, Shepherd’s Chic Management/Next stablemate Catherine McNeil made the cover of Paris Vogue.

Although currently on holiday, Shepherd's Australian agent, Kathy Ward, was uncharacteristically incommunicado when frockwriter attempted to check overnight.


Anonymous said...

hideous cover!

HotCaviar said...

i think we stand tall among the cream of the crop when it comes to our modelling talent... we are certainly proving to be hottie aussies and while myf shephard isn't my favourite of the many, i can see her face and personal off duty style potentially becoming the next big thing... once again patty your finger is ever tentatively on the model pulse... love your work...

pr said...

myf is amazing!
i dont know why, but she seems like extremly sweet person.

Michelle said...

I'm genuinely happy for her success.

However, can someone please explain the appeal of Myf? I just don't get it. Her face reminds me of a composite of faces, a kind of model average. Maybe that's the key (shrug). All I know is that I keep forgetting what she looks like until I see her picture again. This isn't about her as a person. She does seem lovely and very hard working. I just don't see an easily identifiable 'look' or feature and am wondering.. is this the new kind of model?

Mike said...

That's the beauty of Myf, she isn't identifiable and what I love more about her is she is definitely hard working. Good on her for doing so so well.

Style On Track said...

She is definitely growing on me :)

Bev said...

I can't share your enthusiasm about this girl, Patti. I can't look past the combination of her gaunt face and emaciated body. I think she looks starved and she looks anaemic in most of her candids - I'm far more worried than inspired! I know she says she's a "vegan" but I dunno... I wonder what she looked like before she changed her name.

Patty Huntington said...

hey hotcaviar - long time no see! yes QLD does indeed appear to be picking up from WA in the model springboard stakes.

bev - it's my understanding that myf's full name is myfanwy amy shepherd. myf is obviously short for myfanwy and i gather it was always a nickname for her, even if she used her middle name amy whilst growing up. one might assume that was because myfanwy is difficult to pronounce.

as for myf's physique well of course you are entitled to your opinion. many would certainly concur that all models, and in fact all skinny people in general, have some kind of eating disorder. that's not the case. i have not seen myf recently, although i have certainly seen plenty of shots, but i did see her at close range in sydney in may last year and at that time she looked very healthy and well-covered. she is quite statuesque however - taller than many models. at 17, it's highly likely that she may be merely a skinny, coltish teenager with a fast metabolism. let's hope so at least.

should skinny, coltish teenagers with fast metabolisms serve as marketing vehicles for the fashion industry? that's a wider debate.

Julia said...

Do you happen to know if Myf will be walking in the upcoming Couture presentations? Thanks!

Patty Huntington said...

not 100% sure at this stage. but i would hazard a guess that yes, she is.

Fashion Hayley said...

According to the staff at my local magazine shop Russh Japan has now folded (I am currently in Japan btw) Just a head up

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