Wednesday, January 21, 2009

No Australians heading to New York Fashion Week?

the fashion calendar via coacd

Well if the first draft version of New York’s Fashion Calendar is anything to go by, that could be the case. The Fall/Winter 0910 runway season is due to kick off in New York in three weeks. And not counting expat Michael Angel, who lives in New York and therefore does not have to schlep a collection and entourage across to the other side of the world, there is not one Australian name there. UPDATE 23/01/09: Toni Maticevski is showing off-schedule at 5pm on February 16th at the Altman Building. That's according to his Australian publicist Trish Nicoll. Why is the show not listed on the Fashion Calendar, the so-called Bible of New York Fashion Week, which is carefully vetted by all industry players as it represents the only roadmap to the hundreds of shows which take place all over town? That's a mystery according to Nicoll, who says that Maticevski paid his registration fee. Whether the mistake was made by the Fashion Calendar or the designer's New York PR office, Factory PR, remains to be seen. Given the current economic climate - and the fact that five other brands already share Maticevski's timeslot - it's an unfortunate oversight.

Aurelio Costarella recently told a Perth newspaper he is ditching The Big Apple; Jayson Brunsdon already missed last season. And much was recently made of sass & bide’s decision to forgo a show – for the second consecutive season – claiming the timing is not a good fit with Sarah-Jane Clarke's new baby.

It’s a far cry from 2006, when Australia's New York Fashion Week invasion was at its peak, with the event boasting a half dozen Oz names.

Unless some are still toying with plans however, in the current economic climate is anyone really surprised?

Even a number of American designers have announced that they are swapping runway shows for smaller, and obviously cheaper, static presentations.

Kiwi Karen Walker is nevertheless soldiering on regardless (February 14) and as already reported, Josh Goot is due to show for the second time at London Fashion Week on February 24th.

And it’s not only Australian designers who may be thin thin on the ground over there. The local PR rep for Calvin Klein reports that she has not yet managed to identify a single Australian media rep who is heading over.


Anonymous said...

What about Toni Maticevski? Didn't yesterday's Telegraph report he was showing off schedule?

Interestingly it appears as though a number of Australian fashion mag types are currently in Sao Paulo for fashion week...

Patty Huntington said...

well as i say, some may be still be finalising plans. but the fashion calendar usually includes everything - both on-schedule at bryant park and off-schedule around the city. if maticevski is definitely locked in to show somewhere it's odd that his NY PR has not yet secured a spot.

as for sao paolo, perhaps they were flown there by the organisers.

Mitchell Oakley said...

is toni maticevski not showing in chelsea at the alterman building on feb 16? from memory, at least. off schedule, of course. i would think that if you're going to haul a collection across the pacific it might be worth the registration - if not just to clear up this kind of confusion but to garner publicity?

fashion herald said...

grrr, I'm so missing Sass & Bide showings!

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