Tuesday, January 27, 2009

From the Cobrasnake to the couture

givenchy SS09 ready-to-wear/style.com

"PARIS COUTURE, starting tomorrow!! And pretty over the bad PR back in sydney". So Twittered Stephanie Carta less than one hour ago after attending a fitting for Givenchy, whose show is due to take place at 5am tomorrow morning Sydney time (7pm Tuesday Paris time). That's at least one haute couture show which Carta looks to have in the bag. Given that she walked in Givenchy's SS09 ready-to-wear show in October (^), it looks like Carta is a personal fave of Riccardo Tisci, the creative director of the prestigious Paris haute couture maison, which was founded by Hubert de Givenchy in 1952 and made its name by dressing Audrey Hepburn. It makes a change from being a personal fave of Cobrasnake party snapper Mark Hunter, whose trashy NYE shot of Carta in Kings Cross certainly got people talking three weeks ago (even The Sydney Morning Herald). Carta also looks to have taken some proactive PR measures by either deleting or moving her Magna Carta blog. Not that her partying days are behind her. In this just-posted quick chat with PAPER mag's Julia Frakes, Carta reveals that Le Baron is her favourite Paris nightclub and that Australians have earned a bit of a Paris rep as the life of the party. This is no doubt music to the ears of Hunter, who has just popped back up on the radar at the haute couture shows.

Carta tells Frakes:

"The the night before last I sat for about two hours at a casting with some model friends that I did not expect to see, including two other Aussies. When I finally walked into the casting (I had chosen to wear the sheerest dress out of the selections given since I knew nobody else would choose it and I wanted to leave more quickly) and was instantly blamed for all the noise... along with any other Australians that they knew were waiting there!"

There are at least four other Australian models in Paris this week: Skye Stracke, Alice Burdeu, Myf Shepherd and Alexandra Agoston-O'Connor. Both Shepherd and Agoston-O'Connor were spotted in the Christian Dior show overnight.

That's not counting Harper's Bazaar's Christine Centenera, who turned up overnight in a Dior pic portfolio on The Cobrasnake. Apparently Hunter has moved on from Byron Bay.

We do look forward to seeing the party shots.

And will be interested to see if this week's runway shots of Carta, Stracke, Burdeu, Shepherd and Agoston-O'Connor prove the biggest talking points of their respective haute couture seasons.


Anonymous said...

I must say, it was interesting sitting next to this skeleton like figure the other week, watching her eat bowl after bowl of large quantities of food and drink after drink. Certainly not the habbits of a
'normal' diet.

Michelle said...

Oddly, I've come to like Carta more, despite some of her mistakes.

I hope she does well. She has an interesting look.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Cobrasnake boozehags, check out 16-year-old New Zealand model Zippora Seven, most famous for being 'the next Kate Moss', appearing in Vogue and her two headline-hitting photos in Russh magazine. (Topless in a bubble bath and topless on a horse.) Here she is, captured by Mark Hunter, a little worse for wear. Classy-as.


What are her parents thinking, except '$$$$'?

carta said...

annonymous- yes i was probably in the bondi organic store with my mum. Heaps of people were staring at me eating alot of healthy food, cos, sometimes i get really hungry like normal people.
Cobra bought me some falafels after Givenchy too i hope that doesnt freak you out too much!

Anonymous said...

shes just sickly! i really dislike her!!!!

Anonymous said...

Carta, yes, even sitting behind you at the wooden tables, I was surprised seeing the enormous amounts of food being put infront of you. It's good to be hungry and great to eat, GREAT. But I disagree that everyone was looking at you... sorry to let you know but the world does not revolve around you.

p.s. cobra who honey?

Michelle said...

Oh Stephanie... you just lost a recently converted fan. I can't believe you even speak to someone who posted that cracked out photo of you on their site. And to comment here, linking to your new blog? Damn. You looked good on the runway, recently. But I'm disappointed that you're not a just a little bit smarter.

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