Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Girt by HC

christian lacroix haute couture SS09/

Yet more extravagant haute couture - and more Australian mods - in Paris overnight. Frockwriter mentioned that Skye Stracke is also in town – here she is (^) hooting it up backstage at Tuesday’s Christian Lacroix show. Stracke also appeared at Chanel (along with Myf Shepherd), in addition to Alexis Mabille. And while as we already reported, Stephanie Carta was due to walk at Givenchy – and did - who else should turn up in the same show, but Catherine McNeil (see below). So evidently McNeil's torn ligament healed. With honorary Aussie, McNeil’s Danish girlfriend Freja Beha Erichsen, opening and closing Chanel, Australians have certainly been making their haute couture mark this week.

Although it’s possible that we have missed other Australians, frockwriter is finding it hard to believe that, as reported by Carta via Twitter:

“australia day is so over but at least half of dior wore aussie flags on their faces!”

But hey, if any photos turn up via Facebook or other, thanks for letting us know.

No sign as yet of Alice Burdeu, who was reported to have been in Paris for haute couture castings.

One alleged sighting of Burdeu at Friday's Big Day Out in Australia however, as it now emerges, suggests that those castings may have proven unfruitful.

Here are some haute couture show coverage links to various sites, as well as some details of the quite extraordinary jewellery at Lacroix.

christian lacroix haute couture SS09/

Loving the Givenchy show, to which the work of Australian Toni Maticevski bears a slight resemblance in parts, if frockwriter is not mistaken. Unless it's the other way around.

Needless to say, Maticevski would be in his element, creatively, spiritually and financially, should he ever be embraced by the Paris haute couture establishment.

givenchy haute couture SS09/

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Anonymous said...

Both Catherine and Stephanie look beautiful and classy here....I'm glad you mentioned some of the others.. I was worried that this was turning into ...

Patty Huntington said...

there has been an inordinate amount of coverage of other models, probably far too much (someone else complained that they were tired of reading stories about gemma ward). but these women are at the eye of the fashion storm. that's why i cover their stories. myf has been modelling for less than 12 months. she is one of the hottest new models in the business. 51 shows in her first season. it's impossible to ignore that. she has been making a lot of news - and so far all of it good.

but rest assured, if myf turns up holding a crack pipe on the cobrasnake, i'll be talking about it. and then most likely be accused of harbouring some form of personal grudge.

Anna Wintour said...

I want to live inside a magic lamp wallpapered with Christian Lacriox Haute Couture.

JC Superstar said...

It's hard to believe this is the same Stephanie Carta that was caught so uncompromisingly by the Cobra Snake the other week. Congrats on her super chic turnaround - high fashion suits her so much more.

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