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Did someone give Kim Noorda The Pip?

chloé prefall 0910/

First Cameron Diaz, now Kim Noorda? In these Chloé Pre Fall 09/10 shots of the Dutch supermod, Noorda’s two-tone do certainly does bear a resemblance to the by now infamous coiffure of Australian Pip Edwards. Otherwise known as “The Pip” (which Girl With A Satchel pointed out yesterday may have also just been picked up locally by Australian designer Marnie Skillings). Frockwriter recently asked whether Cameron Diaz’s red carpet coiffure at the Golden Globes could have possibly been inspired by Edwards’ do – which is the result of a freehand technique called balayage and which merited a full-page promotion in the December edition of Australian Vogue, as bankrolled by the look’s alleged créateur, Sydney hair stylist Brad Ngata. So striking is Edwards’ look, it had previously inspired commentary by The Sydney Morning Herald, Mary-Kate Olsen and – a commenter on the latter site brilliantly pointing out that the look is resemblant of a “Top Deck chocolate”.

pip edwards/

Frockwriter’s suggestion that Diaz’s do may have been directly inspired by The Pip inspired quite some vigorous debate on the blog, with KAREN magazine commander-in-chief Marian Simms pointing out in one comment that Lancôme’s new creative director, New Zealand-born Aaron de May, was sporting a similar do in the middle of last year:

lancôme via 212dressingroom

Brad Ngata returned fire by telling frockwriter that he has been giving Edwards The Pip for the last two years.

In a highly amusing post that sadly appears to have since been deleted – but which lives on via its cached intro on Google Blogs – Oz blogger “Hot Caviar” penned the following post in her Debris Blanc Laboratorium blog:

“I am a massive admirer of Patty Huntington's blog, but I have to say, there is no way that Cameron's effortless two tone blonde do looks anything like the top deck tragedy that is Pip Edwards. I definitely don't agree there. ...”

And it seems there is no stopping The Pip.

Frockwriter’s Cameron Diaz post was picked up, literally, by the highly original Fashion Mag Daily, as well as at least one other celebrity blog.

Top Deck is a brand of chocolate made by Cadbury Australia – and which in fact may be unique to the Australian and New Zealand markets.

Which may help explain how Aaron de May fits into the story – or not.

Given the fact that Cadbury's Top Deck boasts a white chocolate crown over a dark chocolate base, while The Pip boasts dark roots on the crown of the head, fading into blonde ends, technically-speaking a more accurate description of The Pip would be a "Reverse Top Deck".

But look, at the rate The Pip seems to be spreading, it’s only a matter of time before someone has a crack at the genuine article.

Frockwriter believes that Delta Goodrem could be the ideal celebrity candidate.

Cadbury’s Top Deck is said to be Goodrem’s favourite chocolate.


Anonymous said...


Are you promo'ing this hairdresser? All he did was an advertisement. This 'do has been around for years.

Anonymous said...

Patty have you ran out of things to write about??!!! This is making yawn! Are you been paid?? Hate the hair,Hate Kim Noorda though :)

Anonymous said...

Why do you continue to give this egotistical fool more reason to believe that they are highly influential and relevant? If enough people read that Cameron Diaz and now Chloé have possibly been inspired by Edwards this non story will end up in an actual newspaper to be read by the masses. Are you just trying to prompt people to comment by posting this?

Michelle said...

Patty, I'm a big fan of your blog because of your journalistic integrity and fashion knowledge. But whether you mean it or not, this does come off as... a slow news day or sloppy journalism at best, or, at worst, a kind of person/product placement.

The advertorial featuring this style, stylist and hairdresser reads like total publicity hype dressed up as a legitimate article. Yet you're reporting it as though it were fact.

This kind of post is beneath your blog. I come here to read even-handed, intelligent, sometimes analytical, often brave, fashion-related reportage that cuts through hype and bullshit. That's why other, huge blogs and national print publications pick up your entries, YOUR intelligent observations. That they do is a good sign. If you stick with the way you usually do things, I really think your following will grow. It's what distinguishes you.

I hope posts like this one are a rare slip, not a sign of things to come.

Patty Huntington said...

thanks michelle for the very kind words. but occasionally you are also going to get satire here.

Anonymous said...

to claire... you may not like 'the pip' however since when were (bad) pop stars in mini skirts sluts? i thought is was 2009, not 1920.

fashion herald said...

Patty, you have now made me obsessed with the pip.

Anna Wintour said...

Stop the presses! I just discovered the originator of The Pip:

Patty Huntington said...

you crack me up AW. how the hell was sundance?

fashionherald - so we could be seeing the pip around 34th street?

Anna Wintour said...

Sundance was fabulous! I even flew one of my decoys home on coach to guilt people into taking out more ads in Vogue. It worked so well that I plan on being spotted sleeping in a Brooklyn subway station in the lead up to this year's September issue.

Anonymous said...

Amy Wesson called, she wants Edwards to credit her Rev-TD inspiration *properly*.

Not that Amy Wesson is worth writing about, either.

Michelle said...

ok Patty and Anna Wintour, NOW I am laughing...

thank god. i thought you were serious!

Claire said...

Ewww this hair style is turning up everywhere!
Pip Edwards looks like trash, I think of things like the slutty pussy cat dolls when I see her. Hideous.

I am growing out my natural hair colour but if I look like this in the process then I am wearing a hat permanently.

In saying all that I think Cameron Diaz looks ok with it , maybe because it is not such a huge leap in shades.

Anyway it's just hair, why am I even commenting?

S.A.A. said...

Hang on, hasn't Erin Wasoon been sporting this do since um? Forever.


Anonymous said...

jeeeesuusss hav'nt ya heard of MIA?...... and Shakira did it all before in the 90's Doll........

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