Friday, February 6, 2009

Blue jean babies

levi's via nicola formichetti

Two weeks ago frockwriter shared Myf Shepherd's surprise new denim campaign, Superfine. But now here finally are the first shots from the denim campaign that we knew she had bagged all along for Spring/Summer 2009, Levi's 501. The campaign was shot by David Vasiljevic and Shepherd stars alongside another hot new modelling name, Josh Beech - the lead singer of British rock band Snish.

Models are now gathering in New York for next week's kickoff of the Fall/Winter 09/10 runway season.

Following on from her stellar debut haute couture season in Paris last week, stand by to see how Shepherd fares in her second ready-to-wear season - and what other new Australian faces may be about to emerge.

levi's via nicola formichetti


Michelle said...

way to go Myf!!

Anonymous said...

As for emerging Australasians, Olivia O'Driscoll has the beauty and poise which should see her comfortably through a recession. She's definitely one with the "kching kching" campaign-fronting appeal.

..and Myf should be popular on runways again but I'm not a fan of her printwork

Anonymous said...

Will Myf be the new Aussie Number 1?
With Abbey Lee sitting out NY with knee trouble, Catherine not at her best, those who had showcards for last season, Sarah Stephens, allegra carpenter, Tallulah and alice B
not being given showcards by their agencies for NY, Myf could come out on top..

But look out for stephanie carta, Vanesssa Milde, Rosie , all with New york showcards, I will be watching excitedly and hope they all have mega seasons!!! yay!!

Anonymous said...

^^ woops! forgot chelsea Scanlan who also has a NY showcard with IMG!..^^ also to above poster, Oliviadoes not seem to have a showcard for this season either?

Piccolo said...

Oh I really love these images, so cool. She looks great

Anonymous said...

Sure, Myf will do more runway laps than other Aussie models this coming season but this just means she'll be earning more clothes! - so, yes, she probably will be 'Australia's No. 1 earner of "contra for runway".
But if you think of modelling success in terms of dollars (which I would confidently assume is what the vast majority of models are in it for..) then Australia's No. 1 will still (clearly) be ................Miranda Kerr!!
The big money comes from fronting advertising campaigns, definitely NOT runway work!

Mike said...

I just bought the Spring 09 issue of 10 and she has a major shoot in it. I'm going to post it on mine soon!

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