Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Punk'd: Marc Jacobs Blitzes NYFW with a neon-bright, 9-minute show


Well you heard it right the first time. Marc Jacobs started his show one minute early – and finished at 8.08pm. By frockwriter’s calculations, that’s a 9 minute show. Until the first runway shots start rolling in, the word from the trenches is that the show had an '80s vibe, with B52-style mega beehives and fauxhawks, neon sculpted dresses and jackets with huge shoulder pads. Also ponchos and hooded jackets. Backstage Jacobs told reporters the collection was "all about clubbing in the 80's, when New Yorkers could have fun, be creative. Not like now..."

Click here to see the full collection on wwd.com.




marc jacobs FW0910 backstage/wwd


Style On Track said...

Love love love the brightness of it all :)

Anonymous said...

Picture 43 wouldn't be Tallulah Morton would it?

Patty Huntington said...

according to style.com it's yulia kharlaponova

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