Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Yes we can do without: Top Fashion Buzzwords of 2009

michelle obama rocks H&M/nitrolicious

Global Language Monitor is an Austin, Texas-based not-for-profit which tracks and analyses language. Back in July frockwriter provided a preview of the organisation's Top Fashion Cities of 2008 - on which list Sydney ranked seventh after New York, Rome, Paris, Milan, London and Los Angeles. Well now here is a preview of GLM's just-about-to-launch Fashion Buzzwords of Fall/Winter 09/10. Words were nominated by the global fashion media and then run through GLM’s Predictive Quantities Index, a proprietary algorithm that tracks words and phrases in print, electronic and online media. Perhaps not surprisingly in this dire economic climate, Chiconomics - or how to dress well on a budget - is number #1. Michelle Obama comes in at number #2.

We have yet to see Obama sporting any gladiators (#5), one of the biggest shoe trends in quite some time. Obama is nevertheless a Recessionista (#6) who is well versed in Chiconomics, having championed looks from fast fashion (#15) retailers such as J Crew and H&M throughout Barack Obama's presidential campaign.

Designer fashion does get a lookin on the list however.

Lemongrass, the colour of the wool lace coat and dress made by Isabel Toledo for Michelle Obama to wear on January 22nd, comes in at number #10.

And the Series 4 winner of US Project Runway, Christian Siriano, makes the list at number #8 thanks to his trademark "ferosh" - a term Siriano coined to describe any fashion look that is particularly strong and which is now on high rotation across the fashion blogosphere.

Pretty sure this is a world preview.

1. Chiconomics

2. Michelle Obama

3. Sheer

4. Metallics

5. Gladiators

6. Recessionista

7. Voluminous

8. Ferosh

9. Shoe Boot

10. Lemongrass

11. Draping/Grecian/goddess

12. Eco-Fashion

13. On Trend

14. Ethnicware

15. Fast Fashion

16. Fruit Salad (or Macedonian/mixed prints)

17. Tie-dyed silk

18. Muffin top

19. Palettes

20. Tribe



fashion herald said...

chiconomics? god, no.

Anna Wintour said...

When I see things like this I feel an overwhelming sadness at the lack of creativity displayed by much of the fashion media. Frugal/Recessionista was a terribly clever coinage at one stage, but now it's set to make me flip.

Egy Azziera said...

Michelle Obama already has established her individuality through her fashion choices, but with a self-assurance and far-reaching influence similar to her predecessors. But I'm sure she also works out.

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