Thursday, February 26, 2009

Swim Fashion Week: Zimmermann

zimmermann SS0910/wire image via coutorture

Alice Burdeu isn’t the only high profile Australian model keeping a low profile downunder this week. Overnight Sarah Stephens (^) popped up at Zimmermann, the first runway show of Swim Fashion Week, which is currently underway on Queensland’s Gold Coast. Given that Stephens is as far as frockwriter is aware, the only Victoria’s Secret model to be taking part in the event, it’s bizarre that a bigger deal was not made of her involvement (the fact that she is not repped by the event organiser IMG may explain it). Click here to see the complete portfolio of shots on the runway-specialist blog Coutorture, which uploaded them at about 2am this morning, before anyone else – yep, an international outfit not actually attending the event. Which is kind of ironic, given that Swim Fashion Week is crawling with Australian media peeps who accepted IMG's junket.

But look, it was late when the show wrapped - like, 9pm - there was the afterparty to attend and judging by some of the commentary provided by Marie Claire Australia, which appeared to be the only Australian media outlet to provide Twitter coverage from the show as it was happening, and also Sydney publicist Christine Kardashian, there may have been a technical problem at the Sanctuary Cove 5 star in which everyone is staying.

KAREN mag's Marian Simms was the next to follow a couple of hours ago with a barrage of catch-up Tweets (including a pic gallery of unsourced runway shots) and the intel that media delegates received a Zimmermann gift bag upon arrival, containing "beach bag, book, candle, body lotion, lip gloss, exfoliator, sunscreen so thoughtful".

zimmermann SS0910/wire image via coutorture

It was a terrific little 1st summer collection of scoop neck one-pieces, tie-front bandeaux, string bikinis, retro-look two-pieces and a chic “Papillon” one-piece with wing-like applique strips - with some of the necklines featuring an interesting cutaway effect.

The “super cute zebra print” Marie Claire told us about as the show was underway, turns out to be a psychedelic violet/bubble gum pink combo.

Other prints featured vintage maps, desert florals and a butterly wing motif.

Zimmermann’s resortwear addons included sweet sundresses and maxidresses, some striking floral peignoirs and a selection of the moment’s white hot harem pant – both in sheer muslin and bright florals.


Style On Track said...

Sarah Stevens is such a lovely soul :)

Chris :: Dash PR said...

WiFi is only available in the main building / lobby at Sanctuary Cove and even then not that great...but also think that not many people there are really up on Twitter and tweeting! Thanks for the mention Patty :)

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