Wednesday, February 25, 2009

AWOL from the runways, Alice Burdeu to resurface on Queen Mary 2

the cc via TFS

Wondering where the hell Alice Burdeu is? Well according to her Sydney agency Priscilla's, Burdeu is in town and about to make a special appearance at tomorrow’s Alex Perry show aboard Cunard cruise liner, the Queen Mary 2, which is due to glide into Sydney at 6am. That’s right, while 16 of Burdeu’s compatriots are walking up a storm on the FW0910 runways, Burdeu will be doing a Titanic, as it were, parading Perry’s AW09 collection in front of 100 of Sydney’s “A-listers”. That's after 2000 Cunard passengers have disembarked. Frockwriter attempted to find out precisely why Burdeu is not in Europe and if there is any chance she plans to return for the Milan and Paris legs of the season. The only information we could glean was that she has returned to see her family "after a busy 2008".


mish said...

Last I saw her she was doing catalogue work for Table Eight's concession brand Barkins.

Bang said...

Well that was a stupid move. Hasn't her agent ever heard of momentum?

Anonymous said...

Momentum? Depends whether the Myer job was before or after the Barkins...ack.

S.A.A. said...

Yes and I have to say that the Myer ad was probably one of the most horrible ones I've seen to date. Poor thing.

Anonymous said...

I thought she made the Barkins brand look 'expensive'. Which is great for them!
She has so much potential but maybe modeling just isn't for her..

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