Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Gagging for it: GQ's "hottest Australian supermodels" edition

GQ via chic management

Here is the March cover of GQ Australia. Interestingly, it represents the second time in almost as many months that the Sydney-based Chic Management agency has managed to wangle a multi-girl Oz cover with its models. Here Sarah Stephens joins Elyse Taylor and Pania Rose for the topless cover of GQ’s special “Love Sex Madness” edition which focusses on “Australia’s hottest supermodels”, as snapped by expat Australian Daniela Federici. In November, the cover of Madison magazine featured Rose, Taylor and Stephens, together with Chic stablemates Abbey Lee Kershaw, Catherine McNeil, Alyssa Sutherland and Miranda Kerr (with Nicole Trunfio, Skye Stracke and Jessica Gomes - who are repped by other agencies - pictured with Stephens and Kershaw on the rollout cover). While the latter was a charity initiative, this GQ cover was not. Curiously, neither Kerr nor McNeil were available for it.

This is by no means the only topless magazine cover featuring fashion models that is circulating at the moment.

Others are in fact not as discreet as GQ - one case in point, the full-frontal topless shot of Brit Eliza Cummings on the cover of the March edition of Britain’s Dazed & Confused.

But GQ’s "Hottest supermodels" headline is a little confusing.

Kerr's Victoria’s Secret contract helped propel her to the 10th position of Forbes 2008 Top-Earning Models list.

Catherine McNeil’s earnings would also vastly exceed those of GQ’s cover trio.

Myf Shepherd is a bigger name than both Rose and Taylor but presumably she fell short in GQ’s bombshell evaluation – or else she wasn’t interested. Given some of the accompanying copy, we can’t say we blame her.

Tagged with the “Love” part of GQ's "Love Sex Madness" section headline, Pania Rose tells GQ via a blowup quote:
“I know love. I’m a good partner. I like to give a lot to my man”

GQ via chic management

Lumped with the “Sex” tag – which in a headline looks very much like it reads “SEX SARAH” - Stephens is photographed on her hands and knees, performing a sex kitten crawl along a beach.

Stephens looks like she is ready for action - and courtesy of a pullout quote in large font, GQ draws our attention to precisely what type of action that might be:
“I’m a goofy, band-geek Catholic schoolgirl who’s never even had a boyfriend”

We all know that sex sells. Also that sexy is where the big modelling money lies. And more's the pity.

But seriously, is it not possible to have a little dignity with that?


Anonymous said...

I think calling those three "supermodels" isn't confusing, it is just plain untruthful.


Patty Huntington said...

stamos! nice to see you again

Chowder said...

I'm surprised that Sarah decided (rather or her agency ) decided to go down this track with her.. but she DOES have a very commercial look..
But i thought her appearance for victoria's secret, was, quite honestly, awful.... maybe they are going to keep her on??

trevor said...

I'm sure these girls would cringe at being labelled "supermodels" too - but these girls are campaign magnets who are far more successful than some might think.
At least they'll be earning more money than clothes!...

Ritzy said...

^Yes chowder, I think its great that Sarah can do GQ and Victoria's Secret one day (and I thought she looked fantastic at VS!), and Vogue (Italia, Russia, Australia, Gioello), Numero, Muse, Ten, French Revue etc.. the next!

Anonymous said...

yeeeoww!! Elyse and Pania are H O T ! !!!

Chowder said...

^^ agree Ritzy . I liked her much better in Numero, Muse, Ten etc also.. she has a great look for commercial, but she just doesn't pull off sexy to me... just doesn't seem to suit it somehow...
just my opinion!...

Mike said...

In one ear, out the next. It's what you will expect immediately from GQ. I'm quite surprised about Sarah making an appearance in this magazine, since she was photographed in NZ's new periodical PILOT. I hope Sarah sticks to good modelling because hell doing things like this just makes you the next big thing in Inside Sport or worse Zoo Weekly.

Even that quote by Sarah makes me feel skeptical.

marian said...

great choice in girls - love them all. the cover ignites - and for a mens title - spot on.
Ah the super title - well that is depending on who is your market - these girls may not be the fashion supers perhaps the Bikini supers for this title - they do use this term very loosely now and it seems to be used to great effect to boost the title's pull.

It does feel just SO different without G.P.

and reading up on Rupert's figures - they are going hard for the bottom line and hoping that sex sells - I thought their market may have been better erring on the pink dollar- but what do I know LOL x

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