Thursday, February 5, 2009

Swim Fashion Week: First look at the schedule


Frockwriter mentioned Swim Fashion Week in November. That is, the very first swimwear-dedicated Australian fashion trade showcase, which is due to run from February 25-28 at Sanctuary Cove, on Queensland's Gold Coast. Well hot off the BlackBerry and apparently yet to land on the Swim Fashion Week website, here is the first look at the official schedule.

2-10pm: Designer suites @ The Hyatt
6-10pm: Designer pavilions on The Lagoon
7.30pm: Zimmermann

10am-10pm: Designer suites @ the Hyatt
2-10pm: Designer pavilions on The Lagoon
4pm: Seventh Wonderland
6pm: Whitesands
8pm: Lisa Blue
10pm: Hotel Bondi Swim

10am-10pm: Designer suites @ the Hyatt
2-10pm: Designer pavilions on The Lagoon
4pm: Watersun
6pm: Ed Hardy & Christian Audigier
8pm: Anna & Boy
10pm: TBC

10am-10pm: Designer suites @ The Hyatt
10am-10pm: Designer pavilions on The Lagoon
10am: Group show (Inikib, Karen Nielsen Swimwear, Wahine)
12noon: New Generation (Sol Bellow Swimwear, April Hewat, Kooey, Aguaclara, Colin Heaney)


Anonymous said...

yawn. free shows given to the 3 main acts and the rest probably paying through the nose in the faint hope that this is their big break. Oh well the Fashion week wagon rolls on.

Anonymous said...

Does this mean that these designers will not show at RAFW at the end of April?

Patty Huntington said...

IMG says it's too early to say who will definitely also show at RAFW, but they anticipate that some will.

zimmermann's publicist has confirmed that zimmermann will be on board RAFW. remember this is not only a swimwear-, as opposed to fashion-focussed, showcase, but it's a also a completely different collection that the designers will be showing on the gold coast: first summer.

obviously it will come down to budgets. no idea at this stage what sweeteners may be being offered. given that its the first showcase, they'd have to be making it as attractive as possible to participants. if it was just about getting a free show and a holiday however, then you have to wonder why jets did not jump at the chance.

Anonymous said...

funny how they released this only days after the Tim Blanks compared Bondi as the only other iconic beach in the world beside Copacabana, but he does let Malibu into the loop.
Why go all the way to the GC when you could just stay in Bondi.
'Bondi Swim' anyone

Andy said...

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