Thursday, September 11, 2008


the cobrasnake

We know Tallulah Morton is mates with Marc ‘the Cobrasnake’ Hunter – she’s been plastered all over his party pages before. There’s even been some suggestion that they are more than just friends (although she denied it two weeks ago). But what to make of the Cobrasnake’s latest photo portfolio that’s a total Tallulah dedication?

Called Totally Tallulah, the pictures show Morton out and about in Manhattan.

And look it’s not that Morton has had all this spare time on her hands because she hasn’t been busy treading the catwalk. In addition to the Rubin Singer, Michael Angel, Ruffian, Hanii Y and ADAM shows which I mentioned two days ago, her newer shows have included Betsey Johnson and Tibi.

And there are yet more Morton pics over on the Cobrasnake’s Betsey Johnson reportage:

the cobrasnake

That’s alotta Tallulah.

As Nylon mag notes of the snake charmer:

"she's quickly logging more film time than anyone else this season, thanks to her crazy spirit, her willingness to jump into dumpsters and ice cream trucks, and yeah, her flame-throwing eyes."

[Thanks to Kiwi blogger Imogen, who's um, 15, for the headsup]


Anonymous said...

nup. they are more than just friends.


Patty Huntington said...

I asked her about those:

Jason said...

He's just an old sleaze (much older than he says) looking for a new meal-ticket since Corey Kennedy's star is waning. And it seems Tallulah is more desperate for fame than her blossoming career already gives. Whatever, it's just gross.

Anonymous said...

Even if she's not legally required to have a chaperone, she is still a kid. A kid who, despite her success, seems not to have much parental or managerial guidance (apart from booking jobs$$$):

btw, is this her mother? she looks like Tallulah

and.. er.. is this the same woman having breakfast with Mark 'cobrasnake'? and

You don't see ANY of this type of footage of Catherine McNeil (who has, of course, a different mother agency) or other rising star models. There's a good reason for it.

Patty Huntington said...

2nd anon -

yes that's tallulah's mother amber. and look, you are entitled to your personal opinion on parenting. shots of tallulah accompanied by her mother do not however help support the point you are making - that she needs a chaperone.

that first video is hilarious - which i gather went up in 2007. the other girl is a dead ringer for cory kennedy. talk about life imitating art.

Anonymous said...

Oh, the chaperone comment was misplaced, forgive me. Apparently her agent was chaperoning her while she was having an Absolut Ball

; )

Maybe Hunter is just an enthusiastic chaperone!

Don't know WHY I am commenting on such stuff. But love your blog.

2nd Anon

Patty Huntington said...

2anon - yep, spotted that story. a couple of days before the SMH ran it, on this blog as it happens:

thanks again for the vids

Anonymous said...

Oh, I should have ref'd you properly. But the agent's quote was in the other article. I know they lifted the story from you. Maybe my title reference to your piece was too obtuse (apologies).

Anyway, thanks for all the fash. news, including your archives. There are some great pieces (and interviews) tucked away in there.

Best wishes,

2nd anon

Anonymous said...

Mark Hunter turned 23 this summer. I've seen his passport. He doesn't lie about his age.

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