Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Apparently The Sydney Morning Herald reads frockwriter

Because, and please correct me if I'm wrong here, doesn't today's lead story in the SMH's back-page gossip column Stay In Touch, about Tallulah Morton partying in Paris, look awfully familiar?

That's possibly because this blog did that story on Saturday.

Given that the SMH's Miro Kubicek story in Saturday's back-page gossip column Private Sydney was first done by frockwriter on Monday 7th July moreover, that makes two stories in three SMH editions that were first done by this blog.

What a coincidence!

But look it's dandy that the SMH has not let go of the Tallulah trail, given that one of the first media snippets on Morton, if not the first, was done by the SMH during Australian Fashion Week way back in May 2005 (and by me).

At the time I suggested readers stand by to see if Morton cracked the inaugural cover of Mark Vassallo's new Follow magazine. Which she did, at the tender age of 13 (see above^/Scene Models).

As we mentioned on July 4th, stand by now to see if Morton scores what her Australian agent Vikki Graham reports may be her first international cover: indie Italian fashion magazine Velvet.


On Track said...

Grrrr.... it angers me when publications (especially when people are getting paid to write) rip off poor bloggers work. Good on you for standing up for yourself :)

Paul said...

Not only do they help themselves to stories -- it's made of trees.

Anonymous said...

Good one patty!. Sadly I think alot of SMH stories grow from blogs. I think they use Gawker just as much as Reuters.

I did wonder if anything would be made of those photos when they appeared on the internet. And like RAFW and the 14 yr old, you asked the right questions.

Now if we could just get to the bottom of that unwarranted Camila and Marc UK "cool people" ranking. Surely money cant buy everything?

Anonymous said...

^Surely you're right anonymous because if money could buy everything then Josh Goot would be on that list too!

Glamourgirl said...

so Pitty Pats, if your writing is so good why won't anyone pay for it?

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