Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Something for Sunday?

All the Kurban speculation provided the perfect opportunity to share with you one of my all-time favourite stores: a tiny little crafts shop in Bowral. If, like me, you love toys (anyone interested in Japanese vinyl might have spotted a few friends behind me in this pic) would probably love Bowral Crafts Unlimited.

Operating in Bowral for, I gather, something like 35 years, the shop has for some time been located in Corbett Plaza. In fact it's directly opposite Belinda Seper's new florist/homewares store Twig & Blossom:

Run by a cooperative of local volunteers, with all profits going back to the Bowral Hospital or various charities, Bowral Crafts Unlimited sells the most adorable, locally-made knitted dolls and toys, childrenswear and other country fare such as biscuits and jams.

The shop also sells wool and knitting patterns. For the tricot-challenged, you can organise to have something specially-knitted by one of the laydees. Front window display:

All up, this little gem of a shop is like something out of a bygone era.

I have bought more than one baby and bridal shower gift here. I love going in there because it's so charming.

The dolls in particular are beautiful - knitted from top-to-toe, often with the most intricate outfits. This one is two-dolls-in-one, turning upside down to reveal a completely different doll:

The dolls are priced from $15-35, which is fairly extraordinary given both the work involved and the likelihood that most are one-offs.

Some pretentious Sydney childrens store would mark stuff like this up to the wazoo - and even then it would probably be made in wherever, on a production line.

The volunteers who were on deck when I popped in yesterday were all chatting about Kidman.

Noted Hazel McGregor (above): "I really hope she comes in one day - and brings the baby".


Paul said...

Now I've got a hankering for a bootee tree.

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