Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Neryl Walker: Censored by Angostura, blessed by Coca Cola

nip slip - neryl walker

And you thought it was (erstwhile graphic designer) Natalie Bloom behind the Bloom illustrations all this time? As it emerges, the hand behind all those kawaii cartoons on Bloom's cosmetic packaging – and notably the brand’s iconic character, Miss Bloom - is another Melburnian. I chanced upon Neryl Walker whilst researching illustrators – and was interested to read about her latest work.

The Neryl Walker website has a portfolio of work and a client list which reads something like this:

Nippon Vogue
Korean Vogue
Glamour Germany
Travel and Leisure
New York magazine
New Woman (UK)
Ellegirl (UK)
Luci (Japan)
Chronicle Books
Walter Foster Publishing
Schurman Fine Papers
Harper Collins
Simon and Schuster
Allen and Unwin
The Ink Group

illustration for bloom cosmetics

Evidently however this is just a snapshot of Walker's clients.

On May 4th Walker launched her own blog, on which she discusses recent projects.

There is some artwork commissioned by Coca Cola for “tees and glasses” for the upcoming Beijing Olympics.

Walker nominates this illo as her favourite:

Then there is this recent gig for Angostura (pictured top ^) which Walker reports fell by the wayside due to a wardrobe malfunction – although one apparently initiated by Josephine Baker on this specific occasion, and not Janet Jackson.

Notes Walker on her blog:

“This was going to be used for an Angostura ad, but the nipple proved too much. The image was approved through the entire creative process without any hiccups and then deemed too racy after I completed the illustration. Good one. Censorship blows”.


neryl said...

hey! Thanks for the post. Cheers!

Patty Huntington said...

You're welcome. Love yer work.

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