Friday, July 11, 2008

Girlfriend Model Search: The plait thickens

Face of Schwarzkopf? GMS 2008 finalist Jessica Green (L)/Girlfriend

Just when you thought things couldn't get any more confusing vis-a-vis the terms and conditions of the Girlfriend Model Search - which, as mentioned yesterday, clearly state that entrants must have no professional experience or model agency affiliation - comes word that not only are four of the 2008 finalists already repped by agencies, one appears on packaging of the competition's naming rights sponsor.

The full name of the competition is The 2008 Girlfriend Schwarzkopf Live Colour Model Search.

Overnight came an anonymous tip that 2008 Brisbane finalist Jessica Green appears on Schwarzkopf's product packaging.

This was followed by a first-hand account of a 2007 Brisbane GMS roadshow at Westfield Carindale, at which Green - then a 2007 Brisbane finalist - was paraded in front of a large Schwarzkopf poster which featured her image on packaging for a Schwarzkopf Live product.

Jessica Green (L) amongst GMS 2007 finalists at the Westfield Carindale roadshow/B105.3FM Brisbane

Perhaps the arrangement with Schwarzkopf has changed in the interim. According to Girlfriend's website, although each 2008 state finalist wins a Schwarzkopf goodie bag, only the national winner of the 2008 competition will:
"feature in an ad for Schwarzkopf Live Colour and on the pack of a Schwarzkopf Live Colour product!"

I attempted to confirm Green's Schwarzkopf gig with her Brisbane agency, Dally's, however a representative has not returned my call.

Failing to locate an image of Green with the 2007 poster or product, I did nevertheless manage to track down a picture of the product. The model certainly bears striking resemblance to Green.

The image was not hard to find. It appears on the Girlfriend website.

Over and above the GMS terms and conditions mentioned in yesterday's post, I neglected to mention clause 2 [2.2]. It did not seem particularly relevant until now:

2.2 You cannot enter the Competition if you or any close family member works for Pacific or any company associated with the Competition.

When contacted to see if she could throw any light on this development, Pacific Magazines' Michelle Vanderburg reiterated that judges take information provided by contestants in good faith - and that any finalists found to be in breach of the terms and conditions will be disqualified.

Vanderburg added that although the Schwarzkopf deal is a competition prize - and the model is not, she believes, paid - the packaging is nevertheless used in the marketplace.

But does she agree that a 2008 finalist being on the naming rights sponsor's packaging, and Girlfriend's website, is a bit of a joke?

"I have no comment" noted Vanderburg, who has been with Pacific Magazines for three months - and referred frockwriter to Chic Management.

Chic Management has been involved with the competition for many years and one might assume the agency would have recognised Green and her Schwarzkopf packaging.

Frockwriter has put in a second call to Chic Management's Ursula Hufnagel and we are waiting to hear back.

Meanwhile, in a July 5 email Chic director Kathy Ward said:
"The terms and conditions state that girls can't have done any paid modelling jobs to enter the competition. Not so much in Sydney but in most other states teenage girls do model courses with agencies which means they are with an agency but not actively working".


Bryanboy said...


k said...

what i don't get is if they are all cool with girls entering who have model agencies, why didn't they just change the rules to suit that?

Anonymous said...

Ur an idiot mate. At the road shows for the Girlfriend model search there is a seperate competition run to find the girl with the best hair to be on the newest boxes of the schwarzkoph hair colour = Thats why the girl is on the box, because she won that seperate comp! how bout don't jump to conclusions unless you actually know what the competition is about?

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^ to the person above.
No she didn't win the hair competition, a girl called Tess did and she had red hair. Plus when you win the hair competition you don't get a on the box of hairdye packaging you get a photoshoot with girlfriend.
I think you are the one who shouldn't jump to conclusions.

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