Monday, July 7, 2008

The Miro Supremacy

Miro in Bondi rocking Puma RS 100's, Armani Exchange and A&F T.

Uncross your legs Bryant Park! Miro is heading your way. And no, I'm not referring to designers Antonio or Elena Miro, or even the new Joan Miro art exhibit slated for November at MoMa. I'm talking Miro Kubicek, better-known in Australian fashion circles as the Russian emigre, Jason Bourne-lookalike, Australian Fashion Week seat Nazi. We bumped into each other at Speedo's in Bondi yesterday and he let slip that he's Bryant Park-bound for New York's SS09 shows in September, with a permanent Manhattan move slated for April.

Miro, who runs his own Miro House front-of-house/red carpet/seating management company in Sydney, has consulted to AFW's new owner, IMG, for the past three years, taking over where the much-loved John Flower left off in 2006.

His promo video, cut to the Justin Timberlake/Timbaland toon SexyBack - with hilarious, occasional "Miro House" voiceovers in his sultry Eurotrash drawl - shows the former underwear model in action amongst models and celebs, talking into a Janet Jackson headpiece.

Given Miro's possible former eastern block special forces operative past (he won't be drawn on his background, other than to say growing up in Czechoslovakia was "rough"), he's in his element in more ways than one.

The SS09 shows won't be Miro's first international IMG gig. In August he had a trial run helping out at the inaugural Hong Kong Fashion Week.

One might assume Miro could also help out at the IMG-operated Miami Swim and LA Fashion Week events. Given his language skills - he's apparently fluent in Russian, Czech and German - possibly also Europe, where IMG already runs Berlin Fashion Week (with designs apparently also on Moscow and a few other spots).

IMG FASHION's senior vice prez Fern Mallis and suave PR director Zach "Iceman" Eichman, must have been impressed when they were both out for our SS0809 shows.

Having seen Eichman in action on numerous occasions wrangling a thousand paps, tv crews, Demi, Ashton and co, I think Miro could make a brilliant wingman


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Paul Hayes said...

Who else in this town could take on the terror of 300 clamouring editorial assistants and shopgirls nine times a day for five days straight and do it without panicking, melting down or being rude? And who else says, “You can have one hug a day but only when you really need it”? I’ll tell you who: no one. He wields his power with grace and dignity (not to mention magnificent hotness). I’m gonna miss him!

Massive props for the new blog, Patti. Bon chance, indie girl!

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