Friday, July 4, 2008

Hello world, this is not John Laws

I guess if you are looking at this post, there are several routes via which you may have reached it. Firstly, via the link in the last post in the last day (*wipes tear*) of the life of Fully Chic. Secondly, via some alternative link (*ever hopeful*). Thirdly, you stumbled upon it by chance. Whichever road you travelled, you have come to a great big intersection and a sign that reads:


It's not too late to turn back.

To those Australian readers who already know me, welcome to my latest e-ncarnation. Yes, after 26 months, two media outlets and three different bloody blog names, here comes another one.

Some may have read Fully Chic. And some may have even read two earlier blogs.

Most would no doubt have trouble remembering the very first posts, let alone the name, of the original blog I did for The Sydney Morning Herald's online division, It had the highly imaginative title of Australian Fashion Week and was launched to provide parallel online coverage to the print edition's news coverage of AFW's SS0607 shows in Sydney, in April/May 2006.

I was at the time the Herald's fashion reporter. That blog, I later learned, was amongst the world's very first fashion blogs attached to a mainstream newspaper.

It lasted a week.

Four months later, as I headed to cover the complete northern hemisphere SS07 season for the paper, in New York, London, Milan and Paris, we re-booted the blog, this time under the name Fashion Season.

In December 2006 I quit the print edition. Four weeks later I headed off to cover the FW0708 shows across the four cities, but this time exclusively for - and once again under the 'Fashion Season' name. Back in Sydney a month or so later, I also covered AFW's SS0708 shows for

The reason why these two blog titles are hyperlinked is because in creating this new blog, I have compiled the beginnings of a complete archive of blogged work.

So far I have only managed to cover my tracks - posts which were archived in various odd places. With almost 100 posts across four fashion events - almost as much as I blogged in the last year as's fashion reporter, with Fully Chic funnily enough - it took quite some time to corrall the material together.

Of course the comments are often the best part about blogging and you'll have to read the original posts to see them. There's a link to the original at the end of each post.

I started blogging because I already had a job as a print reporter and was asked to complement it with online coverage. I asked at the time, "What am I supposed to put in it?" I found the answer pretty quickly: anything and everything. Mostly, there was a lot of everything. Looking back, my God I pumped out a lot of coverage. I've learned to - well at least attempt to - keep it tight.

Now, finally, I've launched my own blog. And I must admit.... it's a little daunting.

Where do we go from here? Who the hell knows? But thanks for checking in.

If you're interested in reading about the fashion business and its associated shenanigans, drama queens, victims, self-aggrandizing buffoons - and its champions, visionaries and newbies - then stick around. Fashion being fashion, there's no shortage of any of them.

On with the show.


Imelda Matt said...

I would seem there’s an new ‘despot on blog’, can Australia handle two straight shooters or will one of us wind up in Cell Block H under the stream press! Happy blogging patchwork, I hope you've retained good legal council. I'll delete fullychic and replace with frockwriter.

Tova said...

I read you on SMH, followed you to and I'm glad you've finally got your own space. I've put you in my Google Reader already.

jason said...

Congrats Patty! Am so happy for you. The last site started getting tiresome because of those stupid comments from people who didn't understand, or care about, fashion. I cant wait for some of your new exposés!

Anonymous said...

Yay, go Patty, I'm so chuffed that you left the tabloid drivel of!! Actually, dunno why I still read it... for you, mayhaps... now no more!!!

Looking forward to seeing more of your great posts x

Patty Huntington said...

Hey thanks guys for the very warm welcome. It's nice to be finally doing ma own thang.

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