Monday, July 21, 2008

Is Micky the new Kylie?

ford models europe

Blink and there's a new Paris-based popette yapping at the veterans' Louboutins. This one's a model. Oh - and she's Australian.

Taking a moment's respite from our models-who-blog series, comes models-who-sing. And yes I know Irina Lazareanu is collaborating with Sean Lennon, Patti Smith and Pete Doherty on a folk album called Some Place Along The Way that is due out in September, but I want to talk about Micky Green.

Micky who?

I did a similar double take when I spotted her name, nationality and photo a few weeks ago in dispatches from the front row of Chanel's haute couture FW0809 show in Paris.

As it emerges, the 23 year-old artiste formerly known as Michaela Gehrmann was born and raised in Sydney but took off for Paris at the age of 18. At which point she began to model.

Repped at some stage by Viviens in Australia, Gehrmann is still listed on the Ford Models Europe website, with what looks like a recent portfolio of tear sheets and magazine covers (above and below) - most of them in French.

Having reportedly played the drums in a band in highschool, Gehrmann has been writing songs since she was a teenager and recorded her first demos on her computer.

After hooking up with French producer Renaud Letang (Feist, Peaches, Manu Chao, Jamie Lidell), she released her first album 'White T-Shirt' in August last year through Polydor/Universal Music France.

French newspaper Libération called it "la surprise de la rentrée".

Judging by the score of Micky Green YouTube and other videos that have been taken from various French tv shows and music festivals, the catchy singles 'Oh' and 'Shoulda' (which you can listen to on her MySpace page) seem to have become minor cult hits in France.

White T-Shirt will be released in Germany on August 1st, with the single 'Oh' due to bow in that market on Friday.

Stand by to see if Micky Green now takes flight around the rest of Europe - as did Kylie Minogue.

A sophomore album is in the pipeline.


andrea said...

bah- til now i havent been able to find anything on her that wasnt in french. thanx

thePRfairy said...

she is no way the new kylie. she is a step above - she can sing ;). i knew her from her Sydney days. she grew up on upper-nth shore. she would probably like your comparison, patty, but her sound/style has a level of sophistication, in my opinion, that kylie went so long without.

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