Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The topless international debut of Ellie Ross


In January 2006 Chic Management’s Kathy Ward told me that 16 year-old Sydney schoolgirl Ellie Ross had “a huge international career ahead of her”. After an auspicious 2006 debut however – her first gig was for Australian Vogue, followed by Australian Nylon and campaigns for Third Millennium and Sportsgirl – Ross has since been pretty much under the radar. Fast forward to July 29th 2008 and there she is, topless, on high profile international modelling website - tapped as MDC’s latest hot “Of The Minute” girl.

Described by MDC as “a poised 18 year old Australian getting ready for her SS09 moments”, Ross poses in what looks to be not much more than a pair of knickers and scarf, her body entwined around a shirtless 20 year-old black American model called Sonny who is also with Chic’s New York affiliate Next.


With Catherine McNeil, Abbey Lee Kershaw, Stephanie Carter, Alexandra Agoston and latterly Myf Shepherd and Sarah Stephens, all shooting out of Chic’s doors, one would have assumed that Ross would have had more than an even chance of getting the industry’s attention.

chic management

Given the recent V magazine photospread of the stars of “powerhouse” agency IMG however – in which IMG models were all photographed nude and baring their breasts, buttocks and more (including one 16 year-old) - it seems agencies are trying to out-sex each other at the moment.

But look, at least Ross is 18.


Chantel said...

Dear Frock-writer and frock-writer readers and frock bloggers

we require your help.

I know its only one polaroid but don't you think...]

a dear friend has the potential to model

i think hes gorgeous :P

feel free to be harsh and rate out of 10 (on potential)


Maxie said...

Patty, i don't see it as trying to out-sex each other.
I see it as creating an image of a "blank canvas".
Smetimes, clothes can detract from these models' natural beauty.

Anonymous said...

I think what is distracting is that she's nude and with a male model. Fair enough being nude but when you put in in that context, it becomes pretty meaningless. Abbie Lee was shot nude by Christopher Ferguson and it was done well. I suddenly get this whole Calvin Klein vibe thing with the former and that's a turn off.

ssshhh said...

Maxie, I agree with your idea of creating a "blank canvas", however you must admit the images are highly sexualised.

The IMG set, for instance, showcased some very young models swimming in a bed of white sheets.

Surely if one was aspiring towards au naturale, one would choose a less provocative setting.


Dataceptionist said...

I think the first shots are fantastic. She might be topless, there might be a hot black guy in them, but I can't stop looking at her face, she's gorgeous.
Don't like the ones on her back

Chantel your link is incomplete. Try to find a tinyURL generator

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