Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Kurban country

Take me home: the Kurbans' new Sutton Forest driveway

To say the Southern Highlands is atitter with Saturday's news of Nicole Kidman's new Sutton Forest purchase is a bit of an understatement. I was there on the weekend (no I didn't head down specifically - I previously mentioned a long-standing family connection to the area and in fact I'm there almost every weekend). And I can report that Kidman's $6.5million Bunya Hill acquisition was the talk of the town. Make that, Southern Highlands towns - with local radio station 2ST grilling Wingecarribee Shire councillor May King yesterday as to whether or not King planned to invite Kidman over at some stage soon for tea and scones.

The Kurban estate

Many details about the property were provided in Saturday's SMH story. Save for the exact address, which is not that difficult to track down. Although I have no doubt that serious pap pests will already be across the address, and long-range lens possibilities, I'm not going to provide any assistance with directions.

A few of the Kurbans' new Black Angus moo cows

Although agents directly connected to the deal were in lockdown mode yesterday, plenty of other parties seemed to have Kidman intel.

Sources say that contracts were exchanged as recently as last week. Which means someone blabbed.

My guess is that that someone might be connected to the party who was, I am reliably informed, gazumped by Kidman's bid after their own had been accepted by the vendor.

The SMH refers to Kidman's "property scout". Locals say the Kidman rep brokering the deal was John Manning - who has previously also been described as Kidman's driver. Talk about multitasking.

Given that the Kurbans have apparently yet to set foot on the property - and one might assume, may be pretty new to the area - I thought I'd save them, and/or Manning, a bit of time and legwork, and provide a quick shopping headsup in their nearest village of Moss Vale.

Whyte's - purveyors of 'Agrichic' since 1895:

Something for Keith - great hair product selection at the local Bi-Lo supermarché:

The local Tuckerbag:

Tuckerbag special on at the moment:

The Moss Vale Hotel, est 1850, which is about to add an 80-room restaurant:

There are in fact older pubs in the Highlands, however this one is the only pub that I have seen whose bottle shop offers a dedicated merchandise area to local wines:

What the Moss Vale Hotel reckons is the Southern Highlands' finest drop:

Something else for Keith:


Anonymous said...

That looks like a nice, quaint town. I'm sure it's quite difficult to keep big news like Kidman's purchase under the radar. How'd they like the town and how was the wine? :)

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