Tuesday, July 29, 2008

"If it doesn't fit, it can never be fashion" - Peter Morrissey

What can I tell you about the fourth episode of Project Runway Australia? That Bryanboy's love child with Suzy Menkes (Mark Antonio) hangs in there, as do the Frocker (Helen Manuell) and the gormless Kiwi (Brent Zaicek). Henry Roth's head doesn't get any smaller. And Peter Morrissey doesn't wear any socks.

At least that's what it looked like on last night's episode.

Meanwhile, several questions remain unanswered.

Were PR contestant Juli Grbac (below) and and Alice McCall separated at birth?

Does Mark Antonio's Pompadour become more Baroque with every passing episode?

And finally, what are the chances of Morrissey, Leona Edmiston and Jayson Brunsdon reforming for a one-off season as Morrissey Edmiston?

Buckley's, presumably.

In the interim, we'll have to placate ourselves with last night's episode on which former collaborators (and erstwhile bfs) Morrissey and Brundson, teamed up to deliver the following fashion platitudes to the PR contestants.

Peter Morrissey:

"If it doesn't fit, it can never be fashion"

Jayson Brunsdon:

"It's elegant, modern, deconstructed glamour. To me it's quite brave"

Peter Morrissey:

"To me it isn't groundbreaking"

Jayson Brunsdon:

"The bust area is a nightmare"

Peter Morrissey:

"If you're going to attempt that, you'd better pull it off. If you're going to wear that, then stay at home"

morrissey edmiston catalogue autumn/winter 1993


Reality Raver said...

Hilarious - Yes I know the show was over months ago, but I was looking for some photos of Juli Grbac to put with an interview I have done, and I stumbled over this recap.

Please next season can you do some more?

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