Thursday, July 17, 2008

Urban Outfitters marks down Lagerfeld - turns him into Powerpuff Girl?

There's been a bit of net buzz overnight concerning a Karl Lagerfeld dedication T done by US streetwear chain Urban Outfitters. First revealed by Nylon magazine, I have since spotted the story on several blogs. The shirt is pretty cute. I'd be curious to know however if Lagerfeld gets the joke.

Although according to Nylon the T-shirt was selling for US$19.99, Catwalk Queen spotted it on the Urban Outfitter's UK website and reports it was marked down:

"from £28 to £14.99. Bargain!"

Catwalk Queen illustrates its item with a shot from Urban Outfitters' UK website:

According to Urban Outfitters' UK website however a few moments ago (the site was inaccessible this morning for some reason), the "Truly Madly Deeply Karl Roll Cuff Tee" has in fact been marked down further still: from £28.00 to £9.99.

Beyond Urban Outfitters' advertised upcoming collab with Luella Bartley, it's not 100percent clear if the Lagerfeld T-shirt is an official collaboration with Lagerfeld.

In spite of the fact that Urban Outfitters apparently couldn’t give the Ts away before, is its Karl Lagerfeld T now destined to become a collector’s item on eBay? Just like the H&M Karl Lagerfeld T done at the time of Lagerfeld's collaboration collection for the fast fashion giant - a T-shirt which bore a signed self-portrait sketch of the Chanel creative director.

All these T-shirt dedications raise a few other questions.

Could Lagerfeld possibly be turning into the new Che Guevara?

Or is he just the latest addition to Cartoon Network's Powerpuff Girls lineup?

Urban Outfitters' toon take on Lagerfeld bears an uncanny resemblance to the US cartoon characters Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup - "Three little girls in kindergarten who have superhero powers".

I couldn’t resist the temptation for a little digital mischief.

So without further adieu - and with Buttercup taking a cure somewhere in eastern Europe to make room for Kaiser Karl - I give you the new, luxe version of The Powerpuff Girls.

Blossom, Bubbles and Mittens:


On Track said...

I'm sure he would be flattered by the design, you are right it is cute. If it were demeaning I'm sure he would think twice

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