Saturday, July 12, 2008

Cold Mountain, the reality show

Nic rocking "Agrichic" on the set of Australia /The Townsville Bulletin

OMG! Make that three belly laughs this week. The third came at 1.00am this morning when I read about Nicole Kidman's new property acquisition in Sutton Forest. Which is located in the so-called Southern Highlands of NSW, 1.5hrs by road from Sydney (and 640m above sea level, hence the name). By the time of writing it was already ranked's number one story.

I shared a couple of Q&As this week from a short-lived gossip column I penned for a Southern Highlands magazine in 2006.

Two years before that, the Highlands proved an equally fertile grapevine when I babysat yet another gossip column - The Sun Herald Diary - while the paper's regular columnist was on maternity leave.

With a longstanding family connection to the area, a lot of local colour tends to drift my way.

One of the world's most amusing Nicole Kidman gossip/spoof sites Nicole Kidman's Forehead - an Oz blog - is of course already onto Nic's Highlands fling.

Noted Forehead this morning:
"Good move in terms of being invisible to paps, and an airport close by for quick getaways".

Of course if Kidman and Urban were to venture out in kilts down to their corner shop, to Bundanoon's Brigadoon, to Bowral's Tulip Time or any of the region's 40+ wineries, they might be noticed.

But if the front gate of the property is a long way from the road and if they chopper in and out (as do many others), then chopper-borne paps notwithstanding, the Kurbans could be in for a quiet time.

What else might their Highlands acquisition foretell?

The Kurbans renting out their house when they're out of town à la Harry Potter star Miriam Margolyes? Urban hooking up with Barnsey (who has now moved back to the Highlands) and joining the Mittagong Country Music Stampede? Kidman and another local Reg Livermore delivering thespian thinktanks at the Southern Highlands School of Performing Arts?

And could Sunday Rose possibly be booked into Frensham? If so moreover, could Frensham founder, the maverick, but low-profile, educator Winifred West, prove inspiration for a future Kidman role?

The mind boggles.

Dang, just as well I don't have gossip column anymore.


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