Friday, September 19, 2008

Joseph and his Karangahape dream set

Joseph Tenni made his international DJ debut last night at the Rising Sun bar which fronts onto Auckland's notoriously trashy Karangahape - aka 'K' - Road, and whose near wall-to-ceiling glass back end overlooks a bird's nest of freeway overpasses. There to cheer on the Chadwicks booker, Hintmag columnist and all-round model guru, was a gaggle of NZ Fashion Week ringins, many of whom had a go at some stage of the evening with either BB's Marc Jacobs BB bag - or stylist Ryan Lobo's Margiela goat's fur "tyre". And yes, there was model mania on the dance floor.


Anonymous said...

i dont know what you but those fashion hip people sure looks dirty,boring and trying hard to be cool.
I know they are underground and uber cool but i just keep thinking they just need a good bath.
Too much coke and not enough talent :( sad.

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh Ryan Lobo! Isn't he that crap ex-buyer from Belinda? I don't like his style and his personality... sad too se he is still around.

Patty Huntington said...

you mean you'd like him to decamp to siberia? hey it's not a bad idea at all - i'm sure he'd find some equally hirsute styling accoutrements up there and could work those into the next collection he works on.

you're entitled to your opinion. but considering that lobo's styling services are in some demand, apparently not everyone agrees with you

Bryanboy said...


what coke???

Anonymous said...

I am guessing the anon serial Lobo basher is a jealous disgruntled sad competitor who just may need to move on and make their own star shine rather than tarnish someone else - it is a bit sad.

You clearly know his resume etc, a tad obsessive if you dislike him so much.

Go get some fans of your own - it will make you feel better !
do great things touch people with beauty - contribute to charity - make people smile!

go out dancing in silly outfits !! - crazy but it may bring you a little joy too.

- a friend of a friend of Dorothy's x

Sledge said...

The picture of me is outrageously horrid, I look somewhat rabbitesque. eeeep.

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