Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mythical Myf "storms Fendi"...before the show starts!

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Dang they're good over at News Limited. And that Myf. Talk about a catwalk prodigy. According to Rupe's troops, little Miss Myf Shepherd has the Fendi show done and dusted before any model has even plonked herself down in Lagerfeld's hair & makeup chair.

According to's just-posted story on Shepherd's ace OS freshman runway season, in the past 48 hours:

"Shepherd also stormed the runways of Missoni, Jil Sander, Gucci and Fendi".

Beyond talking to Shepherd's Sydney agent Kathy Ward, frockwriter has a hunch that News Ltd has been following this blog.

Yesterday frockwriter reported that, beyond snagging Prada and making the front page of, Shepherd was also due to appear in both the Gucci and Fendi shows. That was according to Kathy Ward, and sourced appropriately. In the interim, Shepherd did turn up on Gucci's runway.

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But guys, it might pay to do a bit of your own research for a change.

According to the Camera Moda's Milan show schedule, the first of Fendi's two shows starts at 4.00pm on Thursday 25th September.

That's in six hours time.

One could assume that the story posted is due to appear in one or more News Limited newspapers tomorrow. By which time, NL estimates, Shepherd will have already done the Fendi deed.

Judging by the fashion reportage high bar that's being set over at News Ltd rival The Sydney Morning Herald however, chances are that even if something came up which in fact precluded Shepherd's appearance in today's Fendi shows, News Ltd may well go ahead and report it anyway.

Upon receiving word from Willow's headquarters that the world number #9 ranked working model Catherine McNeil was due to give up high-paying, prestigious runway work in order to stand around for a couple of hours at Willow's very lowkey static presentation earlier this month in New York, the SMH reported that McNeil had appeared in the Willow show in not one, but two, stories over the following days.

While it was fabulous publicity for Willow, it would have been news to McNeil.

As frockwriter reported at the time, McNeil never set foot at Willow's presentation.


Bryanboy said...

woman you're on a roll!

Patty Huntington said...

perhaps it's mere coincidence, but i just spotted that the myf story has suddenly been yanked off's front page

damn you BB, if only 100 packets of fags and zero z's over the past week in auckland hadn't brought on the flu, you could be here in sydney!

Imelda Matt said...

LOL...I saw, then read, then read your blog and et viola it's been yanked...they're effing oracle those monkeys and News Ltd.

Isaac Likes said...

Hey well at least they're just getting inspiration from your stories rather than ripping them off word for word like that other blog! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it!

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