Thursday, September 18, 2008

Drop dead Dinnigan

While perusing The Carry Bag Company's trade show stand this morning, frockwriter was struck by one particular CBC client sample - from Drop Dead Gorgeous.

A highend boutique located in the Auckland suburb of Newmarket, according to this Newmarket info website Drop Dead Gorgeous stocks:

"the latest styles in leading international brands such as Chloe, Stella McCartney, Luella, Phillip Lim and Schumacher".

Specialising in such leading international brands, Drop Dead Gorgeous - and its customers - evidently have a tremendous appreciation for original design.

Uncanny then, that there's such an extraordinary resemblance between the corporate ID of Drop Dead Gorgeous, whose pink carry bag boasts the company's brand name writ large in flamboyant calligraphy - and that of high-profile antipodian designer Collette Dinnigan.

Perhaps there's something in the water here and they came up with the idea at precisely the same moment.

Although Sydney-based, Dinnigan was raised in Auckland.


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